Why We Say SET! Modern Post Natal Core Restore Strategies (Video)

ready set go

Supersize your Post Natal Core Restore by applying this 1 simple strategy.

So, those of you who've been to a Burrell Education LIVE Post Natal CPD Course or taken the Advanced ON-LINE Post Natal Certification recently, can look away now but those of you who haven't might like this update to your Modern Post Natal Core Restore kit bag.....in most recent blogs you'll see that I say to coach the Post Natal client with a 'still healing' abdominal wall /PF to say the word SET before EXHALING ON EXERTION (or on the concentric phase of any exercise).

If you've been wondering why, it's all about creating a sub-maximal tension withing the core that when combined with the load of the EXHALE ON EXERTION then supersizes the transmission of the load though the Core.  Ultimately - force travels much better through tension than slackness and as most Post Natal women have a lack of abdominal wall tension, creating a pre-tension to improve connection while perfoming Core Restore exercise is a really key strategy.

Ultimately, using this cue and practice before the start of each exercise helps to a) re-wire her sense of connection and b) totally improves the effectiveness and efficiency of your work......here's a simple video to demonstrate the point.

Glass thrown on cushion....won't break as the force of the throw is absorbed by the softness of the cushion.  Glass thrown onto a tiled kitchen floor....breaks because the downward force of the throw is met by the force coming back at it from tiled floor.   So, try for yourself and on your clients and see your sense of connection & results soar!

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