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Why You’re Charging Less Than You Want/Need To………………



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I'm writing a lot at the moment (book to finish, courses to launch) and so part of that process involves a lot of sitting and staring into space.....asking questions and simply waiting for the answer....always and eventually they come but this question keeps coming up time and time again, in my mailbox, via phone conversations, in groups that I'm part of and so I thought it was worth a blog to maybe get some feedback......the question is:  Why, year in and year out in our businesses to we continue to charge rates that are too low to afford us a really great standard of living?.....and that term is relative......for me,  it's pay bills without fretting, holiday without worrying about income, buy all the courses and books I want (Amazon just loves me!), never have to work for someone else or with anyone I don't want to, do a whole day's work in my underwear, not speak to a soul all day long, travel, never look at the price of food I purchase to maintain my health (unless in Wholefoods) :-).  Yup, I'm a cheap(ish) date.  So in no particular order, here goes.....

1.  You don't think you know enough yet - this may be true.  If it REALLY is, get educated and maintain this as an ongoing priority.  Everyone that I know who does well, is FOREVER LEARNING.  If however, you're working with Pregnant ladies in a fitness scenario and you think you need to know as much as a Midwife, then you've pitched your benchmark too high.  You make friends with the Midwife and others to whom you can develop a referral relationship and you max the hell out of your education regarding fitness/wellness, the birthing process and Post Natal recovery but what you don't need to know.......is as much as a Midwife.  You need to know the limits of your role and have clarity about where it begins and ends and when you and your clients need another level of expertise....and overall, the question is: Do you know more than your  customer and will this level of education and information solve the customers' problem.....if that is YES and you are thorough and committed to ongoing learning.....game on!  You're good to go.  YOU WILL NEVER KNOW EVERYTHING AND NO-ONE DOES!  You are not out of the loop....some people know more than others, that's the truth, but at some point the Guru was also a student.  Ultimately, NOBODY KNOWS EVERYTHING so you may as well do your best and join the party!


2.  You're afraid to up your game, change and be different because people will criticize you.  Looooool.  Newsflash, right here on this planet there are people that don't like you whilst conversely those who love you and every degree in between. Get REAL!  You're damned if you do and damned if you don't and personally, I'm more afraid of the conversations I will have with myself when I 'bottle it' as opposed what someone else thinks of me.  And a key thing.....people who are passionate, doing stuff, making their way in the world and busy ARE NOT scrutinizing your life, trust me......it's those with slightly less on their plate and less traction under their wheels who have time to be analysing anyone elses life.

3.  You don't think you can get people to pay more for your 'product'.  Well, indeed, as it/they stand, your product(s) just might not be top drawer!  What you gonna do about it? If you really think this......boy, it's time to pull it down and start again.  You can still continue with your current business but in the shadows, you are going to start some sh*t kicking to REALLY create something that has you and potential clients buzzing, that your are beyond proud of and that GETS RESULTS so that your biggest referral machine becomes your happy clients.  Hands down, your LIST and HAPPY CLIENTS who will refer are the life-blood of any business of any size.

4.  You only sell a few things all around the same price.  Ideally in any business you need to create products/offerings to suit a range of potential customers - toe-dippers to high-rollers.  Take a look at your business?  If you don't have around 3-4 layers of price where what's on offer and where you offer increasing value for the client, again you need to look at this.  If you are doing a buggy fitness class and charging £8 a class, nobody is going to pay £20 for it, that's a fact.  So the question is......what will your clients pay more for?  How you can you serve them more.....help solve a bigger problem.....and 'up' your professional game?

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5.  You don't have a HIGHLY VISIBLE & PROVEN SOLUTION to the PROBLEM and testimonials from raving clients.  Fact.  No one really trusts what you say you can do for them above what strangers say.  If you have happy customers you need to get them in front of a camera to testify :-).  Also, if you haven't actually identified your target clients' PROBLEM and then based your PRODUCT around the SOLUTION.......errrrr.........major problem!  PEOPLE PAY TO HAVE PROBLEMS SOLVED.  End of!  If you are not clear about the problem and ultra clear about your solution to the problem and can provide proof that your system works........I don't need to go on here do I?  If this is a hole in your business.....it needs filling PRONTO!  PS People pay PREMIUM prices to have big problems solved.  Look at all the 'problem solvers' in your work.....electricians, dentists, doctors, plumbers even scaffolders all charge good money because THEY SOLVE PREMIUM PROBLEMS!

6.  Final thought, you need to work on your SELF-WORTH.  Tricky one.....you don't think you can do it......you don't think you too can be a superstar.....you feel 'less than'.........I could point you the direction of a whole load of self-help books but it really does come down to this one basic fact.....

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On 1st September Burrell Education ON-LINE is born!  We'll start by launching to Global Certifications, one that will help you solve problems for Post Natal women and one that will help you solve problems for 'Perimenopausal and Beyond' women!  So wherever you are in the world you can join me for the Advanced Post Natal Certification and my amazing colleagues Jessica Drummond and Michelle Lyons for the 3rd Age Woman Certification and start solving some PREMIUM PROBLEMS and be ready to kick 2015 in the business a*s if you get my drift.  Only 25 spots (and we're nearly at capacity) on each course and these will be the only ones running in 2014.  Snooze, you loooooze!


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