Woman on Fire 2018 Presenter Interviews

Hi Everyone, I thought it would be fab to just create a page where we host short interviews and content from the Woman on Fire 2018 presenters so that you really get a taste for the sessions and the atmosphere that we are aiming to cultivate....we'll be adding to this page as we build up towards April 28th and please, if you'd like to see all the sessions and what we'll be getting up to over the weekend, please visit the BOOKING PAGE HERE!  See you in April 2018!



Watch Kath Sansom discussing Mesh Implants here....


We'll be adding all the Presenter Interviews to this page over the next coming weeks so please do check back to see what we have in store for you....meanwhile if you'd like to view the full listing and book your spot, the instalment payments are still available.......remember we are limited to 200  people and we now have 40 tickets left to sell as of Dec '17......GO HERE!