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Here we go again!  We're into our 4th amazing year of the  Woman On Fire event and this year, the event is truly a co-creation/collaboration between myself (Jenny Burrell), Michelle Lyons and Maria Elliott.  The theme this year is 'Let's Go Deeper'!  And in honour of the theme, we'll be exploring some currently very hot topics in the world of Women's Wellness, the sessions will be be longer also.   There will be more hands-on practical sessions and a we have curated a line up of presenters that are the BEST IN SHOW and passionate about sharing amazing content.....and now all we need is YOU!  

Woman on Fire 2016 - Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th March

Central London Location - City of Westminster College

As always, we have 2 whole days to immerse ourselves in all things Women's Wellness and stoke the fire of your Woman Centric business with sessions full of powerful and essential content dedicated to YOU the professional - working on YOU, working on YOUR BUSINESS and showing you super-smart strategies to ensure you LOVE working IN YOUR BUSINESS.


Woman on Fire Day 1 - Saturday 12th March


9.00 - 9.30 - Doors Open - Registration & Introductions

9.30 - 11.00 - Michelle Lyons + Maria Elliott - The Overactive Pelvic Floor - What it is, what it means and what can be done about it - A Neurological, Psychosocial and Biomechnical Perspective - Some women/men simply do require Kegels and Pelvic Floor 'strength work' for their incontinence/dysfunction issues - fact!  But how do professionals serving these women spot the clients in this category and serve THOSE THAT DON'T? In this session, a triple perspective is taken on PF Hyperactivity and its causes and remedies via a global, 'whole person' perspective.  Let's get clear on this hugely important topic so that we are better informed and able to serve our clients deeply.

11.15- 1pm - Jessica Drummond - Theory and Practical Application Session - Are You Telling or COACHING?  Transforming from a Physiotherapist or Fitness Professional to a 'Women's Wellness Coach' Who Get's Results and Facilitates Transformations -  Educating your client just simply isn't the same as COACHING CHANGE! But where is this ESSENTIAL module in the education for Fitness ProfessIonals and Physiotherapists?  This Masterclass/extended session delivered by Jessica Drummond of the Integrative Women's Health Institute will shine the light on some key fundamentals of 'Coaching' your clients including key communication skills like reflections, mindful listening, self-management and how to ask 'powerful questions' to truly get to the heart of the matter when assisting clients with habit change and guiding them on the road to their own TRANSFORMATIONS.

Complimentary Lunch 1 pm - 1.45 pm - Pure deliciousness provided by Soulmate Food.com 

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2pm - 3pm - Simon Jones  - Neurokinetic Therapy - Muscle Testing for Post Natal Core Dysfunction - Are we assessing or guessing?  This is HUGE!  A few years ago I came across David Weinstocks's Neurokinetic Therapy and busted a gut to attend his courses and was incredibly well rewarded.  The the world of Post Natal Core Restoration, a great emphasis is put on 'restrengthening' the Core musculature with an aim to restoring function but are we assessing/testing for function before we begin applying strength protocols.  Not only within the 'Core' but the global system?  Massive food for thought and an essential session for you to catch if you are working with Post Natal or women who have undergone gynaecological surgeries and want to go deeper and understand the principles of Motor Control post tissue trauma.

3.00pm - 4.30pm  - Jenny Burrell + Maria Elliott - C-Section Core Restoration - Key Strategies You May Be Missing out for the 26% of Women Who Birth via C-Section in the UK - Theory + Practical Application - Have you noticed that your C-Section clients often seem to be the least 'reconnected' to their core post birth compared with Vaginal Birth moms? Have you noticed that the C-Section clients also seem to have poorer gut health than those who have birthed vaginally?  In this session we explore the fundamental difference in core restoration TRULY from the in-side otu for the C-Section client.  We'll get clear on the potential for soft-tissue and neurological dysfunction and the key elements of a core recovery programme for this growing population of women and why it needs to be DIFFERENT to achieve the same goals as the vaginal birth woman.  What soft-tissue modalities and key exercises how, when and why.  A fascinating theory and practical application session with great info you can use the next day with your clients.

4.30p - 5.30pm -  Rachel Weber - Birth Story Listening. Deepen your understanding of how a woman's birth can affect her emotionally. This session is dedicated to understanding how the emotions attached to a traumatic birth can become stuck in the body and cause physical symptoms, and what you can do to release them.  You'll learn simple techniques that you can pass on to your clients or use yourself in your everyday life. Rachel Weber is a former midwife who now specialises in Energy Healing and Birth Story Listening.

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Woman on Fire 2016 - Day 2 - Sunday 13th March 

Morning Sessions

9.00am - 9.30am - Doors Open, Registration and Introductions

9.30am - 11.00am - Michelle Lyons - Women's Health and Cancer Survivorship - Living Well After Breast Cancer -  In this extended session Michelle Lyons will go deeper into the effects of Cancer and Cancer treatment and the role of exercise during and after Cancer treatment - what to do, what to avoid?  She'll also be covering Pelvic Health after Cancer treatment, a huge area that's often neglected and how to not only survive but THRIVE  after the treatment ends.

11.15am - 1pm - Michelle Lyons and Jenny Burrell - 'Female 4R' Post Natal Alignment Strategies For Non-Soft Tissue Therapists - Theory and Practical Application - Keeping moms in positive alignment during Pregnancy and then restoring their alignment in the Post Natal period is an ESSENTIAL part of the puzzle for our client's in this lifephase.  Pelvic Floor dysfunction, unresolved Diastasis Recti, joint and back pain all can be improved if not resolved by postural correction and soft-tissue adjustments that are actually easier than you think to assess for and prescribe.  In this theory and hands-on session, Michelle and Jenny take you through some key - HOTSPOTS and how you can virtually instantly get your client out of pain/discomfort and back to functionality.

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Complimentary Lunch 1pm - 1.45pm - Pure deliciousness provided by  Soulmate Food.com 

Afternoon Sessions

2pm - 3.30pm - Preconceptual Nutrition - Jessica Drummond - Why Supporting Our Clients to Optimize Their Digestive and Detox Health Prior to Pregnancy is Essential for the Health of the Woman and her Baby.
Unless couples struggle with infertility, often, they jump right into trying to get pregnant without considering how mom and dad's health prior to conception can have a long term impact on the health of their children (even into adulthood).  And, when couples do struggle with infertility as 1 in 8 couples do, optimizing preconception health and improving the health of the gut microbiota, supporting the liver to detoxify common medications like birth cotnrol and resolving nutrient deficiencies can make a big difference to a woman's ability to conceive and carry a health pregnancy to term.  Learn how to support the women you serve by encouraging them to spend a few months preparing for pregnancy in order to have healthy pregnancies and babies.

3.30 - 5.00pm - The 'Women's Wellness Professional Success Blueprint' - This session will be in a round-table discussion format where the second day speakers (Michelle Lyons, Jessica Drummond, Maria Elliott and Jenny Burrell) will guide you through their vital ingredients to successfully serving Women in their own unique way.   We'll cover business essentials, work-life balance, the 'product /offering creation process' and how to sustain a thriving business over time.  After the presentations, there will be time for attendees to have their specific questions answered regarding their work practise, moving into Physiotherapy private practise, creating an online offering, creating a new face-to-face community offering, the power of partnering with other professionals and so much more.  This weekend of education and coming together is ESSENTIAL for all our personal growths but additionally, we all want to create thriving businesses that our clients love and rave about.  So, THIS is the secret-sauce, how do you take great education and create something that serves women deeply and provides you with the income and lifestyle that your dedication deserves................



This session is complimented by a full Success Blueprint Report PDF which will be made available to all Day 2 participants where we have asked the speakers from both days to contribute their pearls of wisdom on how to achieve and maintain successful businesses serving women including key resources that they use and turn to for everyday help and inspiration.  Value?......Priceless!

Saturday is now SOLD OUT!

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But attend Sunday only and receive the video recordings of the Saturday sessions also for FREE!

Attend Sunday Only - £100


This year, as we did in 2015, we are supporting the Charity www.thehomelessperiod.com

who provide sanitary wear for homeless women.  So we're asking every attendee to bring 1-2 items of sanitary wear of your choice to the event that can then be donated to a central London homeless shelter that serves women.  We hope you can help.  Check out their work by clicking the link above.....

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