Woman on Fire 2018

Alright, alright, here we go!  We've started the promotion EARLY for 2018 because the event is growing again and quite literally, to secure the same venue, which many of you felt was pretty much perfect, we had to book literally immediately.

So, we're sincerely hope that we'll have a lot of return attendees and also those of you who missed it last year, you now have ample planning time!

  • We'll be at the Brighton Hilton Metropole again this year in the same rooms we used in 2017.
  • But we'll have 3 rooms in 2018 instead of 2.   Two rooms dedicated to Lectures and 1 room 100% dedicated to MOVEMENT AND HANDS ON/SOFT TISSUE THERAPY sessions.
  • Like last year, we'll have the Dinner and Disco, but no new presenter search sorry!  Although we will ask the wonderful Lucy back to update her on her year since winning.  We'll just move swiftly from Dinner and Awards to DANCING, so that the early birds can get their rest!
  • We'll have the Awards again, but this time you can enter the arena yourself and get your friends, family, colleagues and clients to vote for you!
  • We'll also create WHITE SPACE on the timetable for people to have a brain rest and network/have community and we'll restrict the 'lunch and learn' topics to one room so that if you just want to eat your lunch in peace, or go outside for some fresh air that's cool too.
  • PERFECT for Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, Physio, Massage and Bodyworkers of all description who serve WOMEN!
  • We'll also have a block of 50 of the gorgeous discounted rooms available at the hotel again for attendees who want to stay on site.  PLEASE LINK HERE TO VIEW AND BOOK THE DISCOUNTED ROOMS.
  • And in a bid to do the business content with the thoroughness that it deserves......all attendees will be gifted 1 months FREE Membership to the new Burrell Education Business Hub!  (See Below)

All Presenters are LIVE in 2018 and will include, Jenny Burrell, Michelle Lyons, Danielle White, Emily Splichal, Rachel Holmes, Paul Edmonson,  Jessica Drummond, Richard Scrivener, Emma Goodman, Vivienne Rounsley, Eliza Nearn, Jilly Bond, Jayne Hume, Sofie Jacobs and Fiona Rogers - Presenter Biogs and videos HERE!

Opening Keynote Saturday 28th April - Dr. Emily Splichal - Evidence Based Fitness Academy

Opening Keynote Sunday 29th April - Kath Sansom - Sling The Mesh Campaign

Start and Close Time on Both Days are 8.30am til 5.30pm - Full Timetable Will Be Sent Out To Attendees First Week of April 2018

Lecture Topics/Presentations.....

  1.  The Anatomy of Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Causes, Repair and Pessaries - Michelle Lyons
  2.  Fascia and the Fascial System Simplified - Paul Edmonson
  3.  Expanding the Women's Health Physio Health Toolbox: Electrotherapy Updates - Fiona Rogers
  4.  The Ultimate Anti-Ageing Life Hacks for Women - Emily Splichal
  5.  Phil Richards - Why Your Hormone Status Won't Let You Lose Weight
  6.  Special Topics in Women's Health - Endometriosis, PCOS, Uterine Fibroids - Michelle Lyons
  7.  Progressing the Return to Exercise Post Hysterectomy and POP Surgery - Michelle Lyons
  8.  The Art of Coaching Client Compliance In 6 Key Steps -How To Get Your Clients To Follow Their Programme and Get RESULTS! - Jessica  Drummond
  9.  Fatigue, Depression-Anxiety and Pain... What fitness and physio professionals are getting wrong, and how to get women feeling great again? -  Jessica Drummond
  10.  Phil Richards - Fix Your Brain, Fix Your Life! ESSENTIAL STEPS to Developing Cognitive Resilience Now and Into The Future
  11.  Bladder Pain/Interstitial Cystitis 101 - Jilly Bond
  12. Life-cycle of a perinatal client: how to increase fidelity, add new revenue sources to your offerings and be the go-to person in your locality - Jayne Hume.

Movement and Hands-On Room.......

  1.  Brain Fit (TM) 2018 -Rachel Holmes
  2.  The Essentials of Kineseotaping For the Pregnant and Post Natal Client - Danielle White
  3.  Return to Running Post Birth - From Couch to Crushing It Again! - Michelle Lyons and Emma Goodman
  4.  Pelvic Flow and Freedom LIVE - Jenny Burrell
  5.  Soft Tissue Strategies for Diastasis Recti for the Non-Soft Tissue Therapist - Jenny Burrell
  6.  Holistic C-Section Recovery and Scar Work Bootcamp - Jenny Burrell
  7.  Barefoot Strong Bare (TM) Workout - Emily Splichal
  8.  Women Lifting Heavy Masterclass with Modifications for Pregnancy + Post Natal - Richard Scrivener + Vivienne Rounsley
  9.  Body and Brain Games - Staying Sharp, Fast and Vital in Midlife and Beyond - Jenny Burrell + Emily Splichal
  10. Third Trimester Movement Programming for Optimal Baby Positioning and Easier Birthing - Sofie Jacobs.

Experiences, Expo and Extras

  1. 'White Space' Networking/Community/Connecting Time
  2. 'Barre, Bone + Balance Strong' Workout Experience - Eliza Learn
  3. Nabaso (TM) Technology Barefoot Science - Emily Splichal
  4. Juice Bar - Juicy Jo
  5. Sunrise Yoga + Gong/Sound Bath
  6. Whole Body Vibration HIIT - Mastering Movement for Menopause - Jenny Burrell + Paul Edmonson
  7. Whole Body Vibration Fitness Pilates - Rachel Holmes
  8. Dinner, Disco and Awards Ceremony
  9. Expo Stands
  10. Professional Brow and Smokey Eye Bar (Perfect for Saturday Night Dinner and Disco Prep) - Natasha Bulstrode

View the 2018 Presenter Video Interviews Here!

Your Investment

Pay In Full Weekend Pass - £247

Weekend Pass, Dinner, Disco and Awards Ceremony Pay In Full = £304

Dinner, Disco and Awards Ceremony  = £57

Start and Close Time on Both Days are 8.30am til 5.30pm - Full Timetable Will Be Sent Out To Attendees First Week of April 2018

**NEW** Burrell Education Business Hub - 1 Month Free For All Attendees


 After the success of last April's weekend event in Brighton, one consistent feedback was 'we wanted more business content'....but adding on another day to the weekend wasn't working out for many of you with family commitments, so we thought about it LONG AND HARD and decided to zig the zag and create actually something even better - The Burrell Education Business Hub and everyone attending Woman on Fire 2018, get's a month's FREE ACCESS.

  You need this if you know it's TIME for you to do the WORK ON YOUR BUSINESS instead of just WORKING IN YOUR BUSINESS!

If you know that it's TIME to work on your INNER GAME, you'll love this 'living' offering, delivered via Webinars and Online Content and guided by the true needs of those of you out there working in the 'trenches'.....More details to come!


Ways To Be Part of This Event and Reach the Attendees.....

To be a SPONSOR of Woman on Fire (includes Expo Area Stand) and an opportunity to present your business to the attendees, please send a PM message to Jenny Burrell Via Facebook

To have an Expo Area Stand, have your brochures or leaflets placed in attendee swag bags, please send a PM message to Jenny Burrell Via Facebook

To have your business promoted as a Prize Giver for the BIG RAFFLE held over the weekend, please send a PM message to Jenny Burrell Via Facebook