Woman On Fire 2019 Presenter Interviews

Welcome to the Presenter Interviews Page for Woman on Fire 2019!

Over the course of December 2018, we'll be sharing a video by every 2019 Presenter where they talk about their contribution to the event....don't forget to keep checking back to see the newest videos as they are added.

We'll be showcasing Animal Flow® with Richard Scrivener, the NEW NatalStrength® programme created by Richard, Vivienne Rounsley and Jenny Burrell.  Marietta Mehanni will be showcasing MSwing® and GymStick®.  Paul Edmonson will be sharing the wisdom and magic of the Gray Institute and Michol Dalcourts Institute of Motion (IOM) two of my enduring loves as educators!  Emily Splichal, founder of EBFA, will return with her Barefoot MAGIC!  Susan Coel-Clinton will be sharing her work on Breathing and Bowel Health, and we had to have Eliza Nearn back to teach Barre for Bone Health (it literally made me cry in 2018) and we'll have the amazing Functional Nutritionist (and so much more) Dr. Shania Seeber helping to make the 'science simple' regarding female hormones through ALL the life phases, Cognitive Hypnotherapists Fiona Nicolson will be doing a deep dive into Post Natal PTSD, Shelley Prosko will be sharing her wisdom on Yoga for Pelvic Floor Health and Cultivating Compassion in Therapy AND SO, SO, SO MUCH MORE !

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Jenny Burrell

Lecture session on Post Natal Depression and PN Depletion and Practical Sessions on Female Scar Rehab, NatalStrength (R)
+ The Power Years Games GRAND FINALE plus Business Building Content

Michelle Lyons

Keynote Session on Professional Authenticity and Resilience plus lecture sessions on Women and Back Pain and Happy, Healthy Bladders

Shelly Prosko

Practical Session showcasing her work regarding Yoga for Pelvic Health and Lecture Session on Cultivating Compassion in Therapy

 Beth Learn

Lecture Session: Authentic Puberty - Raising Girls Who Get It

Practical Session:  Programming Diastasis-Safe Movement

Fiona Nicolson

An Extended Lecture Session Taking a Deep Dive into Birth Trauma and Post Natal Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
How to recognize it in our clients and how to support them in finding clinical help.

Steph Grey

Practical Pilates Sessions exploring Pilates for the Post Natal client and Pilates for Back Pain and Spinal Care

Lucy Pollard

Lucy was our 'New Presenter' winner in 2017 and now takes her extremely well-earned place on the bill delivering a practical session going deep on the power of Fascial Mindfulness Within a Pilates Practice.

Marietta Mehanni

Marietta will be delivering two 'Brand New to the UK' Practical Sessions showcasing Gymstick (R) and MSwing (R)


Richard Scrivener and Vivienne Rounsley

3 Practical Sessions:  Animal Flow (R), NatalStrength (R) and 'Mobility Matters'

Susan Coel-Clinton

Two Lectures on the wonders of the voice and Breathing especially for the Post Natal Population and Key Steps  in Achieving
Optimal Bowel Function in the Female Population

Dr. Emily Splichal

2 Practical Sessions: Using Sensory Stimulation to Improve Cognitive and Movement Co-ordination
+ How We Process and Hold Stress Within Our Bodies

Sofie Jacobs

Two amazing lecture sessions: Grief to Grit: Essential tools for ‘holding space’ for clients going through loss and
Medical Interventions for Labour and Birth: Understanding what they are, why they’re done, what their impact is and how the risk can be reduced

Clara Mosha

A blended Practical and Lecture Session - 'How to Move, Think and Be' for an OUTSTANDING MIDLIFE!

Adam Daniel

2 Business Lectures titled 'Solve Don't Sell' and 'Grow Your Business, Get Better Clients'

Paul Edmonson

2 Practical Sessions exploring functional mobility and movement through the lense of the Gray Institute and Institute of Motion in relation to the female population

 Claire Snowdon-Darling

Lecture Session on the VITAL Importance of Blood Sugar Balance to Manage Menopause Symptoms

Dr Shania Lee

Lecture Session on the changing hormonal landscape throughout the key female life stages

Eliza Nearn


More videos to be added very soon!

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