Woman on Fire 2019

Welcome to Woman on Fire 2019!  Alright, alright, here we go again!  Michelle Lyons and I have started the promotion EARLY for 2019 because when we've sorted the 'bums on seats' part early, it gives us way more time to secure the AWESOME PRESENTERS AND THE SOCIAL ASPECTS!

  Woman on Fire is growing again this year to serve a capacity of 250 attendees and as always, once the spots are gone.....they are truly gone! This is no sales, ploy, that's our official capacity that we simply can't exceed, so we'd love you to take advantage of the instalment payments, plan your childcare, purchase your party frock (yes the guys too!) and truly do your 'self-care' by prioritizing an educational deep dive combined with a lot of love and fun!

This Year's Theme is: AUTHENTICITY!

So, we're sincerely hope that we'll have a lot of return attendees and also those of you who missed it last year because we sold out early.....you now have ample planning time!

  • We'll be at the Brighton Hilton Metropole again this year in nearly the same rooms we used in 2018 - 3 rooms, but we're having a slight change around to accommodate 250 people with comfort and separate the dining area so you won't have to queue for lunches and dinner.
  • Of the 3 rooms in 2019, one room will be dedicated to seated Lectures, one room - light movement/lectures and  and 1 room 100% dedicated to FULL ON MOVEMENT sessions!
  • Like last year, we'll have the Awards Ceremony, Dinner and the Disco with maximum time allowed for everyone to let their hair down.
  • The make-up bar was a MASSIVE HIT last year so we're doing it again this year and of course, amping it up with a few more stations so that you can even get a manicure ready for the evening party, while you sit in the lecture!  How cool is that??
  • We'll have the Awards again, and like 2018, you'll be able to enter for the 'CLIENT'S CHOICE AWARD' yourself by getting your friends, family, colleagues and clients to vote for you!
  • Also, in 2019 we'll also have the BRAND NEW Women's Health Physio Award which will be judged by Michelle Lyons.
  • This event is PERFECT for Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, Physio, Massage and Bodyworkers of all description who serve WOMEN!
  • We had a LOT of great sessions last year spread over the 3 rooms and I know some of you were challenged to choose so.....in 2019, after the event we'll distribute the presentations of ALL sessions to ALL attendees!
  • As always, we'll have our Mega Raffle but in 2019, scatter the prize-giving thoughout the days for those who might need to leave early on Sunday.
  • As always.....we'll ensure you're beautifully nourished and watered over the weekend with an extended menu for lunch and mid morning and afternoon snacks.
  • We'll also have a block of 50 of the gorgeous discounted rooms available at the hotel again for attendees who want to stay on site.  They are SO NICE!  A real treat! VIEW AND BOOK THE DISCOUNTED ROOMS HERE

Presenters Confirmed So Far......

With presenters coming from America, Australia, Hong Kong and Ireland so far....we've begun the process of curating the 'hottest tickets in town' to thrill and inspire you and we start with.....Michelle Lyons, Jenny Burrell,  Susan Coel Clinton, Sofie Jacobs, Dr. Shania Seeber, Richard Scrivener, Paul Edmonson, Emily Splichal, Marietta Mehanni, Lucy Pollard, Shelley Prosko, Fiona Nicolson, Clara Mosha, Adam Daniel, Beth Learn, Eliza Nearn, Vivienne Rounsley...........and so many more to come!

As always, we'll complete the bill of excellent presenters over the next few months  but rest assured the full eventual line up will KICK-*SS!  We hope, regardless of your 'Women's Wellness' discipline, that if you're a WOMAN ON FIRE....you'll join us in 2019 for one of the THE BEST educational events for anyone who cares about serving the women of this world DEEPLY!

 We'll be showcasing Animal Flow® with Richard Scrivener, the NEW NatalStrength® programme created by Richard, Vivienne Rounsley and Jenny Burrell.  Marietta Mehanni will be showcasing MSwing® and GymStick®.  Paul Edmonson will be sharing the wisdom and magic of the Gray Institute and Michol Dalcourts Institute of Motion (IOM) two of my enduring loves as educators!  Emily Splichal, founder of EBFA, will return with her Barefoot MAGIC!  Susan Coel-Clinton will be sharing her work on Breathing and Bowel Health, and we had to have Eliza Nearn back to teach Barre for Bone Health (it literally made me cry in 2018) and we'll have the amazing Functional Nutritionist (and so much more) Dr. Shania Seeber helping to make the 'science simple' regarding female hormones through ALL the life phases, Shelley Prosko will be sharing her wisdom on Yoga for Pelvic Floor Health AND SO, SO, SO MUCH MORE TO COME!

Link Here To Watch More Presenter Interviews!

Event Date: Sat 27th + Sunday 28th April, 2019

Your Investment

Weekend Pass, Dinner, Disco
and Awards Ceremony
Pay In Full =£354

Weekend Pass
Pay In Full

Pay in 7 Instalments
(Available until September 30th, 2018 ONLY) - £51/month

Pay in 3 Instalments
(Available until Jan 31st, 2019 ONLY) - £118/month

 Pay in 7 Instalments
(Available until September 30th, 2018 ONLY) - £43/month

Pay in 3 Instalments
(Available until Jan 31st, 2019 ONLY) - £100/month

Last 5 Spots Remain!

Single Day Tickets Now Available Below!


Pay In Full =£150

Pay In Full=£150


Tickets do not include any accommodation.  Discount accommodation at the Hilton Brighton Metropole available here 

If booking multiple tickets, please contact us immediately after booking, with names and email addresses of all attendees (where possible please book tickets separately per person).