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Woman on Fire

So, every year, Michelle Lyons and myself, Jenny Burrell, team up with some of the best names in the industry to bring you Woman on Fire - A LIVE 2 Day Event in Brighton on the South Coast of the UK.  A whole days jam packed with lectures, movement, inspiration and a little perspiration 🙂 .  Then Covid 19 happened and is still happening, so we've made the decision to PIVOT this event in 2021 from being a 2 Day Live Event to being a week-long event with MORE PRESENTERS AND WIDER AND DEEPER CONTENT.

So, we invite you to join us, and a Gold Standard list of presenters from wherever you are in the work for our expanded and re-imagined VIRTUAL EVENT Commencing Week Beginning 23rd of April 2021 for an ENTIRE WEEK!


Woman on Fire is a MUST for you if you work in the world of fitness, Yoga, Pilates, Physiotherapy, massage and Body-worker or ultimately, anyone who serves WOMEN in wellness!

This is what we have planned for you, VIRTUALLY in 2021!

  • 45 Presentations in TOTAL - ALL WILL BE RECORDED

  • 27 LIVE Presentations over three days - 23rd, 24th, 25th April 2021

  • The remaining bespoke presentations delivered pre-recorded by the presenters throughout the event week - Friday 23rd April to Thursday 29th April, 2021.

  • All attendees will have ETERNAL ACCESS to ALL recorded presentations within the Burrell Education Membership Portal

  • All attendees will have access to the Woman on Fire 2021 Facebook Group so we can all have fun together during the event and you can connect with the Presenters there AND access additional content there too

  • All attendees will receive access to Presenter Session Notes (where available)

  • All attendees will be able to access to the FAMOUS 50% OFF Burrell Education Woman on Fire LOCK IN SALE - Only WOF attendees ever access this sale!!

  • All attendees will be able to access exclusive discounts and special offers made by the Presenters

  • CPD Certificates will be made available as requested


And NOW For The Presenters + Sessions Confirmed So Far!

  • Dr. Aviva Romm - Adaptogens, Herbs + Lifestyle Essentials for Menopausal Health
  • Jenny Burrell - Soft Tissue Strategies for the Management of Diastasis Recti
  • Jenny Burrell - Coaching Habit Change for the Menopausal Client
  • Jenny Burrell + Aneesh De Vos - Addiction vs Coping Strategy - Compassionate Inquiry - A New Way To View Clients Challenged To Change
  • Jenny Burrell - 'Slow Strength' - Re-Imaging 'Strength Training' for the Menopausal Transition Client
  • Jenny Burrell - How to Build a 'Pandemic Proof' Pregnancy to Post Natal Wellness Business
  • Jenny Burrell - A Whole Body Approach To Scar Therapy
  • Sue Hitzman -  Why Fascial Self-Care Matters If you Want to Remain Mobile and Stable As You Age
  • Lori Forner - Brand New - Lift Heavy And Pelvic Organ Prolapse Research
  • Joe Tatta - Nutrition and Centralized Pain: How Food Can Fuel or Fry the Nervous System
  • Joe Tatta - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy - What It Is And How To Use It With Chronic Pain
  • Dustienne Miller - Yoga to Release Your Pelvic Floor
  • Dustienne Miller - Yoga to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor
  • Marietta Mehanni - MSwing(R) and Gymstick (R) Masterclasses
  • Francesca Blechner - Change Your Breath, Change Your Life
  • Francesca Blechner - How to Bulletproof Your Body, Mind and Spirit to Avoid Burnout
  • Nahid Belgeonne - Somatic Movement Masterclass
  • Gordon Cunningham - The New School For Movement Based Rehab Beyond The Couch - Utilizing IASMT and Plantarbeam(R)
  • Nina Parnham - The Perinatal Care Journey From Booking To Post Birth Community Care
  • Steph Gray - Pilates for Mental Health
  • Steph Gray - Pilates for Bone Health
  • Laura Feeney - Restorative Yoga - Re-Set Your Nervous System
  • Jeremy Sutton - How to Fire Up Your Inner Author: Write, Launch and Market Your Book in 90 Days
  • Michelle Lyons - Building a Better Female Brain
  • Michelle Lyons - When Post Natal and Peri-menopause Collide
  • Michelle Lyons - Women and Pelvic Pain - Who Are The Evil Triplets (Endo, IC and Pudendal Neuralgia)
  • Michelle Lyons - Women and Cancer - Navigating The Journey Back To Health
  • Michelle Lyons - Women and Back Pain - Understanding the BioPsychoSocial Approach
  • Michelle Lyons - Manual Therapy and Movement Prescription for Breathing Better
  • Claire Snowden-Darling - The Six Foundations of Women's Health We MUST be Teaching Our Clients
  • Andrew Crawford Accounting - How to Keep More of What You Earn - What Every Wellness Pro Needs To Know
  • Aneesh De Vos - Recognising Post Pandemic Trauma
  • Tricia Grieves Nelson - Find the Root Cause of Emotional Eating
  • Thea Baker - Cultivating Post Traumatic Resilience
  • Nicole Jardim - Period Power 101
  • Sofie Jacobs - Mum's Self + Tools and strategies to encourage your clients' post-birth growth
  • Dr. Arianne Schumer - Breathing as Your 'Superpower'.
  • Liz Melville - Launching Your Online Offering
  • Jessica Drummond - Coaching 'Mindset' For The Women We Serve
  • Jessica Drummond - Health Coaching For Clients With PCOS
  • Sue Croft - Prolapse + Pessaries - Evidence Based Practice Integrating Pain Science Into Pelvic Health
  • Tor Davies - Building An Online Life for Touch Professionals
  • Alex Stennett - How To Launch Your First Podcast
  • Claud Serjeant - The Hypothyroid Client - A Holistic view to Exercise, Nutrition and Wellbeing
  • HRT 'NOW' - A Multi Disciplinary Approach - Bio-Identical Hormones vs Body Identical Hormones vs Lifestyle Medicines + Adaptogens/Herbs

    We hope, regardless of your 'Women's Wellness' discipline, that if you're a WOMAN ON FIRE....you'll join us in 2021, FROM WHEREVER YOU ARE ON THE PLANET for one of the THE TOPMOST educational events for anyone who cares about serving the women of this world DEEPLY!

 Information for those who have ALREADY purchased tickets

Please note that we will have already been in touch you via email, but if you've missed that email, this is a summary.......

  1. If you've already purchased your ticket (in full or via instalments) and would still like to attend the VIRTUAL version of this event, literally, you have NOTHING more to do.  We'll be in touch with you as we approach the event with the FINAL DETAILS.  Thankyou for your patience, we sincerely appreciate your sticking with us!!
  2. If you've purchased a ticket that includes the EVENING EVENT and you'll still be attending the Virtual event, obviously the evening event will NOT be going ahead, and you'll need to organize a refund for this money, please message the team via [email protected]
  3. If you've already purchased your ticket IN FULL and would like a refund, we're so sorry to see you go but we understand.  Please contact the team via email on [email protected]
  4. If you've already purchased your ticket VIA INSTALMENTS and would like a refund, please contact the team via email on [email protected] and they will let you know your options for refund.





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