Women's Wellness Weekly Digest - Week 3 - Burrell Education

Women’s Wellness Weekly Digest – Week 3

Well, that was a weekend to remember!  Above is a photo of all nearly the attendees at Woman on Fire 2018!  Holy camoley, it rocked!  But the fun isn't over yet....no ma'am!  Now we continue with the work of getting our businesses into ship shape because all the education and hoopla on the planet won't help create a business that gets results, doesn't kill you with stress and helps you reach the women who so desperately need your help.  THAT requires education of a different sort.  So, everyone who attended WOF 18 has a hard copy of this manual and if you weren't there.....guess what you can join in too using the PDF Download that's within the dedicated Facebook Group called: The Burrell Education Business Hub - FREE - CLICK HERE TO JOINWe get going on Monday 14th May and there's a checklist of things you need to purchase BEFORE we start.  If you truly do want to, finally get serious and organized with your business whether you're just starting or you've been in business for years, please take this opportunity to spend some essential time WORKING ON your business instead of only WORKING IN  your business......100%, this period of deep focus will reap HUGE BENEFITS for you!  Come and join us, it's FREE!

So, onto my weekly round-up of all the interesting things I've seen around the interweb in the past week or so.....

Wow! Did you see this?  It's been making its rounds on social media....a most brilliant visual of the the effect of respiration on the rest of your viscera!  Mindblowing!  And why we all know realize that 'the breath comes first' and it moves more than just your Diaphragm!  Watch it move here.

Incidentally, myself and Michelle Lyons are just adding the finishing touches to something that we feel will revolutionize how you teach your clients to 'Breathe Better' in this new ONLINE course with two streams for those of you with Soft Tissue Therapy skills and those of you without them.  Because ALL OF US need to help our clients breathe better....right?  Check out the contents here.....

Are you working with people in pain?? I bet you are.  THIS IS AN AMAZING INTERVIEW between Dr. Joe Tatta who I had the pleasure of hearing speak last year in NYC and Dr. Lorimer Moseley - The Biopsychosocial Model of Pain - fabulous information!

Working with Peri-to-Post Menopausal Women, or one yourself?? YOU MUST GET THIS BOOK!  Wicked! Awesome! On-Point! Essential!

I saw this blog and thought of you ;-).  I'm massively in a 'business state of mind at the moment' as I enter a year long programme of Coaching (actually for the first time) to literally prepare for my next decade of work, where the emphasis is very much on working smarter NOT HARDER!  My intuition and being able to make a snap decision and move quickly are literally my most powerful tools and they very much hail from me 100% trusting my gut instincts.....literally, if I falter, if I have to think twice.....it generally ends up being a NO!  I would say, our worst decisions come from not trusting our gut.....this blog by one of my few hero's on this planet - Gary Vaynerchuk talks about his process.  Are you listening to your gut enough?


I WANT TO LIVE IN HEALTH FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!  There, I said it :-)....I don't want to live forever but I don't want to get sick, I don't want to drag my stiff, lacking-vitality a** through my middle years and beyond.....so I'm doing the work NOW!  Everyone of us knows how 'the story ends' for many who do the 'cure' thing rather than prevention.  If you're a mid-lifer or serve mid-lifers, just think.....what will life look like for us if we 'start the work now'.....I'm enjoying this book - The Longevity Diet by Dr. Valter Longo immensely!  And of course, 'doing the work' 🙂


Til next time, have a super long weekend!!!



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