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Slightly odd, writing my own biog but here goes......these are my sessions at the Women's Wellness Summit in March.

For those of you who know me and have been part of my Burrell Education journey, you'll know that I have a one track mind - The Modernization of Pregnancy/Post Natal/Women's Wellness Fitness Education!

If I could just nail it down to one large paragraph......I want this area of the fitness industry to finally take its place amongst all the sexy kids....for too long Pregnancy & Post Natal Fitness has been seen as wide-eyed 'Women's Stuff' performed by female fitpros - when all of us are actually training women - so by definition it's everyone's business! It's been a subject area full of myth, madness and downright boring and ineffective exercise prescription that truly was NOT, in the main functional and fit for purpose.  Many people came out of very expensive courses in a state of fear and still with no idea of HOW TO TRAIN A PREGNANT WOMAN OR RESTORE A POST NATAL CLIENT! Errrr.....schoolboy error I think because that's what women will need us to do!   For sure this has been a case of JUST BECAUSE IT'S ALWAYS BEEN DONE LIKE THIS, DOESN'T MEAN IT'S RIGHT OR EFFECTIVE!

So on 27th February 2007 I taught my first Burrell Education course and as those who know me, have worked solidly to finally arrive at the point where I have a successful, progressive, well respected and autonomous business.  I have created EVERYTHING I teach and have businesses across several platforms - live, on-line & licensed products. And with a decade and a half under my belt working with mainly women in all their life-phases and a ridiculous amount of time, energy and money spent on my own education, I hope to show you that Pregnancy/Post Natal and Women's Wellness is indeed now one of the sexy kids of fitness 🙂

So......as well as hosting the first day of the event in my heels and a nice frock (thank God), I will then be donning my spandex and flinging some shapes on day two.  My sessions are below in more detail but alongside my wonderful colleague Steve Powell, we're going to explain EXACTLY WHY learning about fascia and the Myofascial Lines will completely transform your work with your Post Natal clients when aiming to restore Diastasis, Pelvic Floor and Optimal Alignment.  Important for fitpros and bodyworkers, manual therapists alike then we'll use these theories to give you a BRAND NEW KIT BAG and skill set for RELEASING/STRETCHING and just getting your Pregnant or Post Natal clients out of pain/tension and into a position where you can apply 'strength-training'.  Remember......release first, strengthen second.

My other session is all about training for Mid-Life, Frazzled Females.....do you know any;-) ?  Showcasing a new direction for Burrell Education in 2014 and once again, the aim is to give you digestable facts that form a foundation for creating real programming for the real women we serve.  After experiencing an early menopause with all the joys that that brings - NOT! and finally getting myself back to a state of VIBRANCY & HEALTH thanks to a team too numerous to mention here....I thought I'd share how to tackle the BIG ROCKS for this group of women in terms of nutrition, lifestyle and movement.  Ultimately, mid-life is going to happen to us all....and our clients.....it's a massive part of all of our futures so better to be wise before the event.

Day 2 – Sunday 2nd March, 2014

9.30 – 10.30  - Pelvic Floor/Diastasis/C-Section Recovery & The Fascial System – A Female Perspective – Jenny Burrell & Stephen Powell

If you are perplexed about why everyone is talking about FASCIA and more importantly the huge role it plays for the core & pelvic health of your clients you will LOVE this introduction by the man who makes it all so simple.  Steve Powell will help you fall in love with fascia, debunk and demystify it and overall help you to better help your clients.  A MUST if you really want to make the move from ‘Fitness Professiona’l to becoming a ‘Movement Specialist’ who can solve clients’ problems. MORE…..

10.45 – 11.45 –  21st Century ‘Stretching’ – Functional Fascial Freedom – Stephen Powell & Jenny Burrell

This next session follows on from the previous and here we totally revamp your ‘STRETCHING’ kit bag!  If you’re still doing those old skool static stretches that you learnt on your Level 2 course……this session will be an utter game-changer for you.  We’ll get you moving rhythmically, in all planes, at all levels/depths and reaches.  You’ll move stuff that you didn’t know was there and some more and overall just be re-introduced to the wonders of MOVING your wonderful self!  We’ll also introduce you to the wonderful world of Instrument Assisted Myofascial Freedom Techniques. MORE…

12 noon – 1pm –  Modern Pregnancy Exercise 2014 Update – Jenny Burrell

Whether I’ve taught you recently, not at all or ages ago, there will be something new for everyone in this session.  I’ll nail down the fundamentals, clarify Motherhood Movement Patterns during Pregnancy, explore Intrinsic Core Synergy during Pregnancy and how to strengthen the Pregnant core SAFELY, freshen up your no or low equipment kit-bag and overall just give you fresh, modern non-fearful perspective on the wonderful world of programming for the Pregnant client.  From FEAR to FUNCTIONAL & FANTASTIC.  Whether you are working with or wanting to work with Pregnant clients and still have even an ounce of fear – get ready to say adios!  There’s no room for fear when our aim is to create  fantastic, functional programming that clients love.  Lose the fear, think outside the box, get functional and fun and guess what, you’ll never have to search for a Pregnant client again because you’ll do such an amazing job, they’ll tell all their friends.  This session will involve exclusive brilliant content on adapting Movement Loaded Training  & ViPR for the Pregnant client.

1.45 –  2.45 –  Fitness & Fat Loss for Frazzled Females – How to Programme Fitness & Nutrition for the Somatopausal, Peri-Menopausal to Menopausal Client – Jenny Burrell

Showcasing a new offering from Burrell Education in 2014 – This area of health for our female clients is totally underserved by our current education.  Statistics show that the Somatopause, Peri-Menopause and Menopause are all now arriving much earlier than before and indeed a woman going through her Menopause at 50 is no longer considered ‘old’ and ready for the aqua class and chair-robics just yet!  Where’s the programming for the reality of today’s 40, 50 and 60 somethings who feel the tide changing and want to embrace this new phase of their life with empowering strategies for nutrition, exercise, rest and seeking modern clinical help when needed.    This session is a great introduction to a brand new headspace for where our clients and we are heading and actually it’s not such a scary place at all with the right information and tools in your kit bag.  MORE..........

3.00 – 4.00 Modern Post Natal Exercise 2014 Update –  Jenny Burrell

In this session, I’ll really help you nail down the fundamentals, assessing core function and pelvic health for the Post Natal client. Clarify Motherhood Movement Patterns during this phase and explore Intrinsic Core Synergy during the early days of post birth right up to fully restored.  This session will also include The 3-D Crunchless Core for the Post Natal client - functional/multi-planar (where appropriate), standing Core Restore options for the Post Natal client at ALL stages of recovery and a rationale for working with those with Diastasis.  This session will involve exclusive content on adapting Movement Loaded Training  & ViPR for the Post Natal client.


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