Women’s Wellness Summit – Presenter Profile – Mairi Taylor

                    Mairi Taylor

I LOVE THIS WOMAN!  That is all!  & if you don't know her........... sincerely a) where have you been? b) she needs to be in your life!

Mairi Taylor of FAB Fitness,  has not only single-handedly introduced the the wonders of juicing a whole section of the UK fitness industry but literally demonstrated the power of clean eating and deep nutrition on mind, body and soul transformation.  She has a beyond remarkable story that will leave you goose-pimply but mostly you will be so impressed by the fact that she walks the talk.

Mairi has been one of the first people in fitness to really break it all down to simple chunks to enable the end user to make the transition to a life where deep nutrition comes first.  For me tho, she is my go-to juicing authority and one of the few Natural Juice Therapists in the UK.

Mairi's session comes towards the end of day 1 when she will then talk us through her juice prescription for all of the issues/ailments/conditions presented beforehand.  The recipes will be take home so not only teaching you but helping you to teach your clients the very next day.

And of course, it wouldn't be the Summit without Mairi's and Dan's complimentary juice bar to nourish our poor frazzled brains at lunch time.

Mairi is also one of the FooFooFunClub Ambassadors and her input, dedication and energy for this project has been utterly invaluable - she is such as hugely respected member of our team and we would be lost without her.  A true A* Wellness Professional.

Mairi Taylor is such an inspiration to me and I know she will be to you and once you start juicing - YOU WILL NEVER STOP!

Saturday 1st - 3.00 - 4.00 Mairi Taylor - Juicing for Female Health Masterclass- In light of all the above speakers, Mairi Taylor, our very own Juice Queen & one of very few Independent Natural Juice Therapists in the UK will create a powerful concoction as the perfect antidote for each of the issues discussed in the preceeding sessions, the recipies will be included as a fabulous take home for you also.  If you are a juice virgin, this inspirational lady will convert you in an instant!

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