Women’s Wellness Summit – Presenter Profile – Maria Elliott

Maria Elliott, Women's Health Physiotherapist

Maria Elliot of Simply Women's Heath is an outstanding Women's Health Physiotherapist with a speciality in Pelvic Pain.   As fitness professionals, many of us deal with clients experiencing a wide variety of Pelvic Dysfunctions that lead to pain that are far beyond our skill set.  Having a strategy for a) understanding the issue (s) at hand and then b) assisting the client in finding help is such a vital part of our role and in this session Maria will explore the more typical causes of Pelvic Pain, the hows and whys and where to go to find great help for your clients.  From Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction to Vulvodynia, Maria's session will help us all get a better handle on the symptoms, causes and how we can assist the client.

Saturday 1st March - 10.45 – 11.45 Maria Elliott- Women’s Health Physiotherapist - Pelvic Pain 101 –  Causes, Symptoms and Solutions

From Symphsis Pubis Dysfunction to Interstitial Cystitis, Maria Elliott, one of the UK’s leading specialists in Pelvic Pain will help shed light on all the common and not-so-common female pelvic health complaints, why  they happen and where and how to find help.


Maria is also the co-creator of The Mummy MOT, the ultimate self-care and empowerment offering for any Post Birth woman or indeed any woman experiencing Pelvic Dysfunction or in the healing/restorative post surgery. View the film below to see the work she does for women who travel to access her unique services from up and down the UK.  On a personal note, I received the post Hysterectomy version of the Mummy MOT and can't speak highly enough of it's worth and value as part of my recovery journey.  It's an intuitive, grounding and precious gift that every woman deserves and is perfect at any life stage.

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