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Michelle Lyons

I am honoured to introduce to you Michelle Lyons, an esteemed figured in the world of Women's Health Physiotherapy globally.   Michelle's session is entitled - 'Let's Talk About Sex - During and After Pregnancy'.  Well,  this title really got me excited as apart from Pelvic Dysfunction, this topic is also a big 'shhh' topic so here better to blow the lid than in our intimate gathering :-).  Myth and misinformation surround the subject of sex during the natal period so it will be awesome to just have some great information and frank discussion and also an opportunity to have questions answered by an expert in the field.  My ears will be properly pinned back for this one.

Michelle Lyons is a chartered physiotherapist who has been practicing integrative women’s healthcare for over 20 years using manual therapy, exercise prescription, bodywork, nutrition, yoga, Pilates, and most of all, listening.

She is a member of the faculty of Herman & Wallace, the Pelvic Rehab Institute, as well as being a tutor for the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Women’s Health. She teaches internationally on women’s health and is particularly passionate about pelvic health! This past year has seen her teach in the UK, the US and the Middle East and she looks forward to continuing to spread the message of empowering women to take charge of their health no matter what stage of life they are enjoying.  Read about Michelle's tutoring at Coventry University.

Previous course feedback:

“Michelle is an inspiring Physiotherapist and person who shared her enthusiasm, energy and passion for Women’s  Health with us over two fantastic days” 

“Thank you for a wonderful two days, Michelle’s knowledge of Women’s Health is astonishing, with this she is very approachable and is a gifted teacher” 

“Michelle is brilliant! She demonstrated and taught in a very sensitive and professional way. I now feel confident to incorporate this into my clinical practice".

1.45 – 2.45  - Michelle Lyons - Let’s Talk About Sex During and After Pregnancy – We’re honoured to have Michelle Lyons presenting at the Summit this year. A top Women’s Health Physiotherapist and educator with a global reach, Michelle brings her expertise and unique take on this tricky area of Natal life.  Does being pregnant mean no more sex? And how to get back in the saddle post birth.  In this session Michelle will explore the many changes, physical and emotional, that a woman goes through during Pregnancy and into the Post Natal period.  And there will be ample opportunity to discuss the issues that you or your clients might have been too embarrassed to discuss with their doctor/midwife/health visitor.  Key topics will be: How Pregnancy can affect your sex drive and orgasms, how to take care of your changing body in Pregnancy.  Also, what to do if sex seems impossible and the important questions to ask your healthcare providers, as well as returning to sex after your baby is born.

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