Women’s Wellness Summit – Presenter Profile – Rachel France

Rachel France


Rachel France DipITS MBCA QTS

Rachel’s professional career in the fitness industry spans 2 decades from when she started as a professional dancer travelling overseas across Europe & the Far East.

Her professional qualifications range from manual therapy, movement/exercise practitioner, fully qualified teacher and Group X. Having been a Director of a research company she was an integral part of the development of the Specialist Biomechanics Coaching Diploma and is the Programme Director of the iMoveFreely® Group Exercise programme.

Rachel is now Managing Director of Biomechanics Education™ the leading training provider for Intrinsic Biomechanics courses and continues to lecture, present and teach globally about the benefits of the iMoveFreely® programme to both the professional and the consumer. Rachel also and has a Biomechanics Q&A, on the Muscletalk.co.uk forum, offering advice and writing articles to help amateur and professional athletes in the world of body building, power lifting and S&C.

Saturday 4.00pm - 5.00pm - Introduction to Intrinsic Biomechanics - A Female Perspective - Rachel France

This young lady is super hot at the moment.  Her company Biomechanics Education provides part of the essential foundation education for all the Holistic Core Restore® Ambassadors and I'm so pleased that she will join us and help shed the light on why, if we want to really create deep, meaningful and problem solving business, we simply need to go deeper.  Pregnant and Post Natal women are quite literally, the poster-girls for soft-tissue, biomechanical dysfunction and alignment issues and when our business start to cater for the full width of their dysfunction issues (which usually stem from deeper biomechanical faults) as opposed to being focused on just post baby fat loss and flat tummies - THEN we will have strong offerings that guarantee us better results, client satisfaction and ultimate incomes to match.  This session will give you a vision of your future as a PROBLEM SOLVER......and we all know that 'people pay to have problems solved'!

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