Women’s Wellness Summit – Presenter Profile – Rachel Holmes

Rachel Holmes


Even if you have been in fitness for only 10 seconds and access even 1 social medial channel...you will know who Rachel Holmes is!

In my humble opinion, she is one of the most driven, present, successful, prolific creators of fitness innovation in the UK today - mainly biased towards the female client. Her online portal Choreography to Go was, I think the first on-line membership site, created before many of us could use email :-).  And in between creating a ridiculous quantity of live and online products, presenting, teaching class! and coaching her peers, she has created the chub-busting phenomenon that is Kick Start Fat Loss, that quite literally has nailed and systematized the mystery that was ' results-driven fitness and fat loss programming for clients across all ages and both sexes THAT WORKS!'

Whether you know it or not, this young lady has blazed the trail for all of us who have even one entrepreneurial bone in our bodies.  She's a machine!  A force of CAN DO! WILL DO! and she's only 1 or 2 people who get up before I do :-).  Seriously, on a personal level, one short conversation with Rachel at the FitPro presenters dinner a few years ago, totally transformed my mindset and consequently my business.

So.....in this very relaxed session, I asked Rachel if she would simply tell us THE TRUTH!  How and why she creates.  Who and what motivates her.  What are her routines and rituals for success and ultimately, what it takes to move from strictly 'earning money for movement' as many of us do to creating a true multi-level FITNESS/WELLNESS BUSINESS that's an authentic reflection of our talents and passion for wellness.  There'll be no smoke, no mirrors, no six-figure fitpro BS...just an open-mike Q&A where Rachel gives us the benefit of her 20 years+ experience in this business and her recipe for success.

Saturday 1st March - 4.00 - 5.00  Rachel Holmes - How To Truly Serve Women, Build A Multi-Platform Wellness Business and Stay Sane!  - No introduction required for the UK's top female fitness entrepreneur Rachel Holmes!  Get comfy for this, all-cards-on-the-table,  open-mike Q & A session.  The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about what it REALLY takes to thrive and 'ship' in the world of women's fitness/wellness across multiple platforms.

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