Women’s Wellness Summit Presenter Profiles – Dr. Anu Arasu & Julie Bartlett


Dr. Anu Arasu

At last year's Women's Wellness Summit, Dr. Anu Arasu, wowed us all with her succinct and finally easy to understand take on the Somatopausal to Post Menopause years in the female life span and will return again this year but with a twist!

This year, Dr. Anu will present a real-person example of how her methodologies can transform a woman's life/health/energy/wellness/vibrancy and sex life 🙂 .  Her wonderful case study is Julie Bartlett, who attended the Summit last year in the midst of a horrible menopause post Hysterectomy.

Dr. Anu says: "I practice medicine with an awareness of the need to get to the root cause of the illness. I believe that hormone imbalances are responsible for a number of health problems for which we should be looking to correct the imbalance, and I believe that the clinical application of nutrition is vastly under-applied. I use a combination of orthodox medicine, dietary modification, nutritional supplements and bioidentical hormone treatment to restore hormone balance, health, wellness and to prevent a range of chronic diseases".

Julie Bartlett

Julie was so impressed and convinced by Dr. Anu's arguments, that after the Summit she immediately contacted Dr. Anu for an appointment and quite literally, within days started to say adios to EVERY  disabling, annoying and frustrating symptoms that she had been suffering on all levels.  Julie, is quite literally the poster girl for what happens when you won't take NO for answer and you get empowered to fight for your female health issues.  Here's a great piece about Julie's journey that was in the Daily Mail recently.

I think ultimately, the case is clear for a) dealing with all your nutritional and lifestyle BIG ROCKS first rather than relying on clinicians to wave a magic wand that absolves you from 'YOUR BIT' and then, b) getting thoroughly assessed and tested (blood/urine/saliva) so that you can find out EXACTLY  what is going on with YOUR hormones - endocrinology is extremely complexed and hot flashes aren't simply a case of declining Oestrogen levels as often simplistically presented.  If either you or your clients are heading this way, you will leave this session with a clarity and strategy for this life phase should events take a turn for the worse and you end up in the midst of a messy Menopause.  We also hope that this session will help you to see that there are so many available avenues that will arm you with the facts to help you fight firmly for your health.

Saturday 1st March, 2014

9.30 – 10.30 – Dr. Anu Arasu & Julie Bartlett - Real Life Menopause Makeover

From Hormonal Crisis To Total Hormonal Confidence for EVERY WOMAN!  Julie Bartlett attended the Summit last year in a hormonal funk.  She was in the midst of a miserable menopause but now, under the care of wonderful Dr. Anu and the Marion Gluck Clinic is totally transformed.  Forget going it alone with the Wild Yam & Agnus Cactus!  This is the real deal.  Julie and Dr. Anu will explain EXACTLY how the transformation occurred and share vital information for both you and/or your clients.  The take home message is simple – there is help, hope and a return to feeling fabulous again.


PLEASE NOTE:  Places are now going fast and there is a seat limit in the theatre so when we're full, we're full.....


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