Women’s Wellness Summit – Presenter Profiles – Lucy Rocca & Sarah Turner

Lucy Rocca of Soberistas


If you attended the Women's Wellness Summit last year you will remember the heart-stopping monologue delivered by Lucy to close the event!  It was powerful, deep and honest and indeed she is one of the bravest women I know.  Lucy created Soberistas.com, an online community that is barely a year old but going from strength to strength and full of mostly women who have begun the journey of enquiry regarding their alcohol consumption and how addiction features in their life.

It's a truly unique space where all enquirers are welcomed equally and Lucy provides a beyond positive model of the power and possibilities of a life without alcohol.  I am truly honoured to have Lucy return again this year and will present with her co-author and Addictions Counsellor Sarah Turner.



Saturday 1st  March - 12.00 – 1.00 Lucy Rocca (Soberistas.com) & Sarah Turner (Addictions Counsellor) - The Foundations of Addiction And The Road to Freedom

Lucy Rocca returns this year to the Women's Wellness Summit with her Co-Author Sarah Turner to talk about their brilliant books and their sober-living community and unique strategy for ‘freedom from self’.  Lucy’s session was a show stopper last year and this year we’ll go a little deeper to tackle a major theme that runs through our business when working with women dealing with various forms and levels of addiction and self-sabotage.  I know this session will be both thought provoking and gripping and a MUST if you have ever wondered why some clients or maybe even you yourself have addictive tendencies and habits that seem impossible to break.  Ultimately, I know this session with Lucy and Sarah will demonstrate succinctly that there is the ABSOLUTE POSSIBILITY of a life that isn't dominated by compulsion.


In conjunction with One Poll, 1,000 women with children aged 0-18 were surveyed about their drinking habits and this is what they reported. (Stats from:  Good Morning ITV Website)

40% of women drink 2-3 times a week
33% admit to not just drinking in a group but also to drinking alone
15% admit to drinking in front of their children several times a week
1/4 admit they have been so drunk they've put their own safety at risk
36% say they drink to alleviate work related stress
Just under a third admit they drink to alleviate the stress of looking after the kids
Almost half said they wouldn't be prepared to give up alcohol for good
1 in 6 admit they have been too hungover to be a good parent
1 in 5 women admit they feel guilty about their drinking

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