Women's Wellness Weekly Digest - Week 2 - Burrell Education

Women’s Wellness Weekly Digest – Week 2


Welcome to Week 2, it's actually been fun curating this as the week unfolds....I hope you found last week useful and thought provoking.....so here goes!


Another excellent and thought provoking blog from Michelle Lyons on Bone Health.......this surely must be the most unsexy topic in Women's Health.  Everyone thinks you only have to think about bone health when you are 'old'.... and it's because of this that most professionals and women in general are talking about it and thinking about it when the horse has bolted the stable....if you or your client's are mid-lifers....time to think and act NOW.....


Are you familiar with Dr. Russell Schierling's Blog....it's blooming excellent, you could lose yourself in it for hours and of course, well research and leads you to lots of other excellent avenues of information....definitely one to follow on Facebook....Great information for ANYONE who want to go deeper into the workings of the human body....so I guess that's you too 🙂


Is anybody talking about this??  'Accepting Chronic Illness'??  Brilliant piece and so utterly thought provoking....

For so many women, no amount of 'exercise' or 'rehab' will 100% solve their 'problem'.....some abdominal soft tissue is beyond 'rebound'....some organs have simply prolapsed too far....and the women have to live the rest of their lives with a constant reminder that they are not who they used to be in terms of their health-status.  We must all have those clients so how do we support them to come to terms with their the change in their health?


Are You Addicted To Your Phone?  Yes You! 😉

Alongside my brother-in-law and my 80 year old Mother-in-Law, I must be one of the few people left on this planet that doesn't 'use' their phone unless 100% necessary and certainly not for business.  The only reason I turn it on is when I need to 'gas' with a girlfriend.......personally I hate the overuse of phones, and yes that's a strong word but I hate the way that it distracts people from the immediacy of their lives and from being PRESENT!  100% there's a 'Dopamine reward' thing going on there but what amazes me is people's reluctance to acknowledge the addiction and to actively DO SOMETHING about it.....what is that???

Well, for when it's time to do something about it....there are some AMAZING tools here via 'Time To Log Off'...you know who I'm talking to!

Did You See This Video on Diastasis Recti?

Long but with now 15K views, I think there are some 'lightbulbs' going off for some viewers......

If you'd like to get better at helping your Post Natal clients recover....you'll LOVE THIS Advanced Online Post Natal Certification.....

Do you actually KNOW the health impacts of Whole Body Vibration for Women?

I literally went to a business meeting last week and the person infront of me talked about it been a 'fat wobbler'!!!! WFT, I had to hold myself back :-)....so just incase there is a single other person left on this planet that doesn't actually know the HEALTH BENEFITS of Whole Body Vibration....This document will be very helpful! 😉

And this webinar on this page will be helpful too!


The FREE Birth Healing Summit kicks off on Monday 9th!  My session on Diastasis Recti if first up, YOU CAN REGISTER HERE!

These are the topics and my fellow presenters:

  • Assessing more than just the CORE - Lauren Ohayon, founder of Restore Your Core
  • Assessing for an Open Birthing Pelvis -  Lynn Schulte, PT founder of Institute For Birth Healing
  • Piston Science and Rehabbing Athletes Post Birth- Julie Wiebe, PT
  • Sexual Health after Birth - Tracy Sher, PT  founder of Pelvic Guru and Sher Pelvic Health and Healing, LLC.
  • How to Effectively Work with Trauma - Gena McCarthy
  • Diastasis Recti Assessment and Treatment - Diane, Lee, PT
  • Redefining Diastasis Recti - Sinead Dufour, PT
  • Proper Nutrition for Post Birth Healing - Jessica Drummond, PT
  • Birth’s Effects on Mom and Baby - Sharon King
  • The State of the Postpartum and Yoga Union - Ginger Garner, PT
  • The Core And your Business- Wendy Powell founder of MuTu Systems
  • Healing the Birth Field - Tami Kent, PT founder of Holistic Pelvic Care
  • The Social Nervous System:  Health Care That Serves the Needs of the People
  • Rachelle Garcia Seliga of INNATE Postpartum Care and Traditions
  • Prosperous Postpartum Doula’s Business Essentials - Michele Kolakowski and Faith Davis, LMT and successful doula's
  • Anatomy of the Abs, Nutrition, and Healing C/S Scar - Jenny Burrell of Burrell Education
  • First Do No Harm- To Yourself!  Carole Osborne, LMT


And finally.....have a super weekend!

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