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Women’s Wellness Weekly Digest – Week 4

Hello everyone, WELCOME to Issue 4!  Here's a selection of great stuff from the internet that made me 'think' in the past few weeks......Enjoy!!

  • A great article for those of you who are Soft Tissue Therapists using Instrument Assisted Massage tools in your therapy sessions and it's ability to increase myofascial trigger point pain threshold: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1360859217303170 
  • Huge lightbulb moment for me in the last few months....I had some very odd backpain that radiated to the top of my buttocks, QL-ish, Lats-ish, Erector Spinae-ish, Sacrum-ish....I set to work being a detective and guess who the culprit was?  Thoracolumbar Fascia!!!!!!!!!!  Holy camoloy, literally 2 sessions with a soft tissue therapist focusing on the journey of the TCF and mystery back pain 90% better.  In my searching, I came across this blog!  Huge information! Check out the video of what the TCF looks like when the patient had chronic back pain! 
  • I thought of YOU and made this!  Introducing Pelvic Flow and Freedom - Pelvis and Pelvic Floor Mobilization Re-Imagined! In the world of 'Pelvic Health and Wellbeing', there's a LOT of information out there about Kegels, building Pelvic Floor Strength, improving dysfunction and altogether a lot of focus on the grizzly side of both the internal and external soft tissues and bony structures of the pelvis.  What happens when the attention shift to creating 'Pelvic Flow and Freedom'?  Making your Pelvis both inside and out, simply feel and move well.


  • There's a saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks".....it's not true and actually part of preserving our age-related cognitive decline involves ensuring that our habits and activities point toward NEUROGENESIS - the actual creation of new brain cells!  More in this video...blooming fascinating!
  •  I'm sure everyone reading this will testify to the 'body-changing' benefits of exercise, but what's going on in your brain?  This is a great video!

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