Your Post Natal Client + Her Traumatic Birth Story…A Thought…..

Do you have Post Natal clients who have 'less than positive' birth stories, seem low in mood or actually depressed?  If yes, I think you'll find this interview with the amazing Rachel Webber, a former Midwife who now runs a 'Birth Story Listening' service, extremely interesting.  In nearly 20 years of serving the Post Natal population and the professionals who serve women in this life phase, this area of women's health feels like it's becoming a huge issue as women seem to be under increasing pressure in all areas of motherhood (both real and self-imposed) whilst at the same time,  familial and community support for her role is diminishing.  Something has got to give and unfortunately, I think it's the very women that we are serving.

My thoughts are mostly, how can we as 'wellness' professionals really be effective when the foundation of positive behaviour and behaviour change - the client's mindset and general outlook on life really can't support these changes, new information and new habits?

I meet Rachel a few years ago when she attended my Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage Certification and immediately knew that there was something special about her and how she saw birthing and the care of the Post Natal woman.  Her work is ground-breaking and so sorely needed.  And overall, Rachel is doing some pretty powerful work in the world...anyway I won't gabble on anymore,  please take some time to view the video and if it resonates with you and think it may be of use to some of your clients or even yourself, get in touch with Rachel.  I'm sure she'll be very pleased to hear from you.


You can contact Rachel here:


Rachel's Top Birth Story Debriefing and Post Natal Depression Support Services - birth Story Listening - Charity - Support and Info - Charity - Association for Post Natal Illness - Info + Support Info + Support Info + Support


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