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Welcome to the ‘Certificate in the Wellbeing and Health of Girls’!

There are 3 major periods of transformation in the life of a female, Menarchy (the beginning of Menstruation), the Perinatal (or potential child-bearing) Period and then the Peri to Post Menopause epoch.  But in the world of ‘Women’s Health and Wellness’, attention to GIRLS HEALTH isn’t often or naturally included in general discourse but for sure,  we really do need to start paying attention to the health of our girls, because what’s happening in a modern girlhood WILL MATTERS TO THEIR LIFETIME HEALTH OUTCOMES.  And I think we can all agree that when speaking to the health issues of adult Women, going back upstream to their childhood, tween and adolescent health is more than likely to uncover contributing factors to their current health issues !  Indeed what happens in-vitro, before the child enters the world has been shown to impact later health outcomes.  For example, when women experiencing menopause symptoms that negatively impact the quality of their lives are stuhigh childhood ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) scores for girls have all been shown to have an impact in later health outcomes even as far away as the Menopause Transition.  

So, with the above in mind, I gathered a few of my ‘best in class’ colleagues, Beth Rees Jones, Nicole Jardim and Samala Bygraves to share their ‘zones of genius’ regarding the health and wellbeing of girls.  We journey from the nuts and bolts of Menstruation to the magic of Menarche and how we can move away from shame and towards celebration.  We speak to the importance of maintaining a love for movement and support for the female cyclical body in sports/fitness and we talk about what life is REALLY like for modern girls and how supporting their emotional and mental wellbeing NOW has become mission critical to create a solid foundation for their tomorrows. In this certification, we’ve truly created a thought-space and melting pot for left and right brain thinking on this subject, because we feel that that’s what’s required to truly present a ‘wholistic’ vision that actually will support the lives of the women of the future.

Your Investment…

1 Payment @ £397

3, and 6 monthly instalment options available

This course is for you if……

  • If you’re a parent to girls, work with girls or were once a girl and you’d like to spend some time thinking about not only your own health  journey but how better to support the girls in your life through this sometimes challenging period of time.
  • You’re interested in how a WOMAN’S HEALTH is impacted by life events – invitro to the Menopause Transition
  • You’re curious about drawing a line from your own girlhood health to your own current health
  • You’re curious about the power of celebrating landmark transitions throughout a woman’s lifespan, especially Menarchy
  • You’re interested in creating your own ‘celebratory rituals’ for Menarchy, even retrospectively!
  • You want to better understand the impact of technology ‘overuse’ on the developing adolescent brain
  • You want to better understand the impact of child to adolescent trauma on the progress of disease in the adult woman
  • You’re interested in supporting young girls to harness each phase of their cycle from a social, educational, emotional and soul perspective
  • You want to finally get fully on top of the subject of Menstruation and Cycle Tracking
  • You want to fully understand the pros and cons of hormonal contraception through the menstrual lifecycle 
  • You want to fully understand the lifetime impact of birth-control pills on a woman’s health outcomes
  • You want to know how to support girls to stay active and excel in sports whilst supporting their early cycling life
  • You want to know why optimizing nutrition, hydration, rest and working with a girl’s cycle in sport matters
  • You want to understand how to recognize injury risks and preventions for girls
  • You want to know how to identify red flags such as Low Energy Availability and burnout in girls doing sport
Overall, you’re ready to be inspired, educated, possibly gain deeper wisdom regarding your own ‘girlhood’ health by going back along the ‘female health continuum’…..Sometimes we need to ‘retreat so as to better advance’!

Course Content


Jenny Burrell


Samala Bygraves


Nicole Jardim


Beth Rees Jones


Bonus Interviews

Your Lead Tutor + Course Curator

  • ANY Certified and Insured Movement Professional with a prior education in Female Pelvic Health throughout the key life phases of Pregnancy, Post Natal and Peri-to-Post Menopause, seeking to delve deeper into creating integrated preventative movement programming for these life phase.
  • Yoga Professionals
  • Pilates Professionals
  • Strength Coaches
  • Physiotherapists
  • Fitness Professionals
  • Women’s Health Educators

Like most Burrell Education courses, this education has been accredited by CIMPSA (PD:Approval) in the UK and candidates can earn 10 CPD points. (Burrell Education is a Licensed Education Provider).   This education is also accredited by NASM in the US also in order to grant candidates using this International system CEU points too.  Successful completion of this course will gain the student 1.0 CEU point. (NASM Provider N0: 2,018).

There is a 30 question multiple choice exam with a pass mark of 75% in order to gain certification and the CEU/CPD points available.

You need a computer and internet connection.  The full content is available IMMEDIATELY on part or full payment for the course.

YES, you will, 100%.  There will be an associated Facebook Support Group which will give you directly daily access to the tutors/authors and all of the other course participants.

I feel that this depends on your study style but 1-2 hours maximum for each module should be sufficient.  But you have eternal access so may wish to return to the content and go over again.

The total GLH (guided learning hours) for this course is 24 hours.

Forever and ever!  Access to both all materials, videos, PDF downloads and the Facebook Support Group are open to you forever.

You can view our policy on refunds and cancellations here .

Your Investment…

1 Payment @ £397

3, and 6 monthly instalment options available