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 Your AMAZING Meno-Transition Signature Talk + Signature Workshop 


Why You MUST HAVE a Signature Talk and Signature Workshop?

Why You MUST HAVE a Signature Talk and Signature Workshop?

OK, so you’ve done or are in the process of doing ALL THE HARD WORK studying our 3rd Age Woman Menopause Transition Certification and armed with your new and literally LIFE-CHANGING education……it’s time to get out there and help transform the lives of the women you currently serve and those you are yet to meet!

So, whether you’d like to get into working in the Corporate environment, delivering Menopause support for employees in the workplace and/or you’d like to reach women in your local community or indeed via the ‘online global community’, having a ‘GO-TO’ presentation which succinctly showcases, WHO YOU ARE and HOW YOU CAN HELP TRANSFORM THE LIVES OF WOMEN, is pretty ESSENTIAL.  You create once and tweak according to your eventual audience.  Efficiency at it’s finest.  But more than that…..a thoughtful, beautifully presented representation of YOUR PERSONAL MESSAGE AROUND THE SUBJECTS OF MIDLIFE AND THE MENOPAUSE TRANSITION in all it’s both liberating and frustrating aspects.

Your Signature Talk can also be used in a multitude of ways too, ie., embedded into a page on your website, a video link of it sent as a ‘next level’ Business Card, periodically posted on Social Media….the possibilities are endless and we’ll explore lots of them in this Workshop.

The next step on your ‘client journey’ would then be to deliver a Workshop and again, having your well-honed  Signature Workshop ready to go at a moments notice, that can be made bespoke to suit the eventual audience, is always going to save both time and stress and leave you with space to enjoy preparing for what you LOVE TO DO – HELPING + SUPPORTING WOMEN!  Again, there are multiple ways to put your Signature Workshop to work whether in-person or virtually……working 1:1 or working with groups and again, we’ll explore lots of them in this Workshop.

Your Signature Workshop can then be easily expanded to create your deeper/longer Signature Programme where women commit to working with you and on themselves for a longer period of time. But at each step, your hard work is simply built upon to ensure the building of a suite of Meno-Transition offerings becomes SUPER EASEFUL!

How It Will Work + What Will You Take Away…

During these 2 x 90 minute trainings led by Jenny Burrell you’ll….

  1. **NEW** Be taken through the 10 VITAL ELEMENTS, STEPS and CONTENT required to craft your bespoke Meno-Transition Signature Talk for both a Corporate or Community potential clients.
  2. **NEW** Be taken through the 10 VITAL ELEMENTS, STEPS and CONTENT required to craft your bespoke Meno-Transition Signature Workshop for both a Corporate or Community potential client
  3. Be shown how to utilize both your Signature Talk and Signature Workshop as a potent first-step in your CLIENT JOURNEY MODEL and being able to offer both 1:1 and Group Trainings.
  4. Be able to access the recordings of the LIVE SESSIONS PLUS  the ‘clean’ pre-recorded content available.
  5. Be able to access the post workshop content which includes a DONE-FOR-YOU/customizable ‘Signature Talk’ PowerPoint Slide Deck
  6. Be able to access DONE-FOR-YOU/ customizable client questionnaires + handouts
  7. **NEW** CRYSTAL CLEAR GUIDANCE on selling your ‘Next Steps’ programme from your Signature Talk.
  8. Be able to access a list of resources perfect for sharing with your clients and also enhancing your own education.
  9. **EXTENDED** Be able to access and be supported via a Pop-Up Facebook Group (access will start when doors open and Jenny will be on hand to support and guide until the end of July.  After that the group will still remain open for you to access the support and encouragement of your peer and content placed there.)
  10. **START YOUR PRE-WORK AS SOON AS YOU SIGN UP** – Make the most of the time we have together by starting the PRE-WORK of building your ‘Story’ as soon as you sign up.  Using the pre-recorded video and PDF worksheets provided. 
As always, you’ll have eternal access via the Burrell Education portal to all of the above recordings, presentations, handouts and downloads.


meno transition 10 point strategy

Plus Bonus: 7 Ways to Get Corporate + Community Gigs – Recording + PDF Worksheet



Wednesday 17th + Friday 19th July, 2024
 @ 7.30pm – 9pm GMT

All content recorded + ETERNAL ACCESS

Your Investment…

1 Payment @ £147  

 or 3 x Monthly Instalments Option Available Also