Building a NON-EXHAUSTING, SUSTAINABLE, SOUL-SERVING business that supports you in serving in your zone of happiness, genius and supports you in bringing what you do best to the world, is often overlooked by many educators…….to the huge detriment of the learner.  This ‘work’ is also very much part of ‘the work’ of a modern female professional working outside of her home.

Ultimately, most women aren’t taught how to build and run sustainable, profitable, cyclical, joyous businesses, through a female lens. Most women aren’t taught that a ‘successful business’ is one that supports both their health and the health of their clients. Even when good quality business education is found, it’s often through a male/patriarchal lens that does not fit or benefit the REAL and multi-faceted lives of women who work outside of their homes as well as inside of their homes.  And for sure, business advice for women, practically NEVER takes account of the cyclical nature of a woman’s body and that the need for a feminine work/rest ratio aligned to her cyclical nature is what’s best for body, mind and soul.

This series of ‘TAKE WHAT YOU NEED’ MODULES aims to ‘right that wrong’ and help women to clearly identify WHAT REALLY MATTERS TO THEM IN THEIR WORLD OF WORK + LIFE as a foundation and then give them tools to both plan and consistently execute on ‘needle-moving’ tasks to achieve a ‘working-outside-the-home’ life that fills them up without sacrificing their personal life or health…..sounds like a dream? It totally is……a dream that could very well come true!

Standalone Series Of Modules Will Include….

  • Radically ‘Befriending’ Your Business
  • Defining, Refining and Owning Your UNIQUE Personal Business Vision + Zone of Genius
  • Getting Consistent at ‘SHOWING AND TELLING’ people what you do + how you can help
  • Defining and Refining Your Customer Journey
  • Creating Your Signature Talk
  • Creating Your Signature Workshop
  • Creating Your Signature Programme
  • ‘Tiny Offers’ vs Freebies
  • Easeful Client Attraction + Retention Strategies
  • Pricing + Nailing Your Sales Formula
  • Sustainable, Effective Online Presence On Your Terms
  • Planning Your 9 Month Work Year to Include REST, EASE + PLEASURE!

Do any of the above sound like what you need for your business?