3rd Age Woman GLOBAL ON-LINE Certification – Peri to Post Menopause Wellness Coaching

Are you working with the mid-life, Peri to Post Menopause woman?  Do you have questions about how to effectively serve women during this life phase?  Do you need to upskill your education to truly understand the mechanisms of Perimenopause, Menopause and Post Menopause?

Myself, and my esteemed Women's Wellness colleagues, Jessica Drummond and Michelle Lyons are all so pleased to present this ON-LINE - GLOBALLY ACCESSIBLE certification truly dedicated to the Peri to Post Menopause  - '3rd Age' Woman!

Many of us are familiar with the concepts and challenges related to the Menopause, but what’s happening during the Peri-menopause?  In short, this life phase for most women starts around aged 35 – 40 and starts by most women noticing that ‘things are changing’ in our bodies  and their moods and probably also noticing that current strategies for diet, exercise and lifestyle don’t seem to work anymore and indeed are starting to have a negative effect.

As fitness/wellness professionals (many of us also entering our own 3rd Age), where’s the thought-space for providing wellness information for these women who’s needs are changing and for whom we need a whole new kit-bag of skills to successfully work with?

Where’s the 'thought & action space' for these female clients who want and need something different than the offerings of the mainstream gym and fitness facilities?

Where is the dedicated offering  for and conversation regarding these clients’ REAL NEEDS and the changes that  they are experiencing?

Thankfully, I’ve had the good fortune to collaborate with some of the best minds in field of Women’s Wellness, Jessica Drummond and Michelle Lyons and am delighted to tutor alongside them to present this brand new Advanced Certificate in Female 3rd Age Programming for Fitness & Wellness Professionals seeking to create empathetic and effective programming for the mid-life woman.  This certificate is accessible on-line and therefore globally.

Over 14 Modules of this course (all accessible immediately),  we’ll cover all the key gritty topics, go deep with the science stuff, make complexed information easy to digest for both you and your clients and most of all, we’ll give you the skills to walk away from this certification and create an offering for your own Peri to Post Menopause clients that will EMPOWER THEIR BEST YEARS YET!


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What you'll learn within this 3rd Age Woman GLOBAL ON-LINE Certification?

This education is extensive is presented as 12 Modules READY FOR YOU TO ACCESS IMMEDIATELY!

Module 1Module 2Module 3Module 4Module 5Module 6Module 7Module 8Module 9Module 10Module 11Module 12**NEW for 2017** Module 13**NEW for 2017** Module 14**NEW** 2017 BONUS LECTURES
  • Introduction to and defining 'The 3rd Age' and the challenges women face during this life phase? (Michelle Lyons)
  • Hormones 101 - The Peri to Post Menopause Endocrine System during this life phase - all the key players, what they do and what happens when there's dysfunction (Michelle Lyons)

Adrenal Resilience - The Foundation of Hormone Health into the 3rd Age (Michelle Lyons)

  • Assessment and Screening - This can be the "pre-screening and hormone levels info" - Several handouts that will include self- symptom assessment, and "what to ask your doctor to test" and options for self-testing. (Jessica Drummond)
  • Lifestyle shifts for Optimal Third Age Health - optimal sleep, screen time, meditation, radical self-care (Jessica Drummond)
  • Introduction to 3rd Age Exercise: Why Do Third Age Women lose the exercise habit and how to help them channel their 'inner athlete' again.
  • Fitness assessment and goal setting for the 3rd Age Woman - How to measure waist to hip ratio, strength, endurance, etc. as a pre screening for fitness and a motivational tool that's supportive.   (Jenny Burrell)
  • The Impact of Fitness on 3rd Age Hormones and Bone Health and The "Right Type, Amount and Intensity" of Exercise for Women (Jenny Burrell & Michelle Lyons)
  • Practical Application of 3rd Age Fitness Prescription - Videos of full workouts for the candidates to road test and personalize to create bespoke programmes for their clients.  (Jenny Burrell)
  • Nutrition for Natural Hormone Balance and Nutrients for bone health, menopausal symptoms, sex drive, and strength
  • Nutrition for Natural Hormone Balance and Nutrients for bone health, menopausal symptoms, sex drive, and strength includes rationale behind the optimal nutrition booklets included as course resources (Jessica Drummond & Jenny Burrell)
  • Pelvic Floor/Pelvic Health, Continence and Bowel Health in the 3rd Age (Michelle Lyons)
  • Life Laundry, Allostatic Load and Solutions to reduce stress and improve quality of life (Jenny Burrell)
  • Skills for coaching your clients to facilitate change, sort their life laundry and reduce stress. (Jessica Drummond)

Breast Cancer Survivorship - Michelle Lyons

  • Chapter 1: Diagnosis, Surgery and Shoulder Dysfunctiona
  • Chapter 2: Understanding the effects of Radiation, Chemotherapy and Hormonal Treatments
  • Chapter 3: Exercise & Cancer
  • Chapter 4: Manual Therapies & Overview of Lymphatics

Functional Nutrition to Address Mild Cognitive Impairment (Brain Health) in Perimenopausal Women - Jessica Drummond

  • Hysterectomy 101 Webinar - The Essentials of Hysterectomy before, during and after surgery (Jenny Burrell and Michelle Lyons)
  • 3rd Age Pelvic Health - Live Video Lecture full of key content regarding continence, POP and critical toileting habits (Michelle Lyons)
  • Exercise and Movement Considerations for the 3rd Age Woman (Michelle Lyons and Jessica Drummond)
  • Hormones 101 - An INDEPTH Masterclass on the Female Sex Hormones - (Jessica Drummond)
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 Your Supporting Content & Resources…….

  • This certification is delivered entirely on-line.  All content is accessed via a Membership site which candidates will be given access to once they have registered for the course.
  • All candidates will also have access to real-time support via the 3rd Age Instructors Facebook Group where all the tutors are available to answer queries regarding the course content and issues they may have with application of the information.
  • All associated notes and client documents required to offer a professional service (questionnaires and pre-screening forms etc)
  • Ready-to use 4 week Integrative Functional Nutrition Template via Jessica Drummond
  • Ready-to-use with clients Optimum Nutrition Recipe PDF document perfect as a client-handout and also as a presentation.
  • Client-friendly ‘One Stop Guide to Sex Hormone Imbalances' – Their Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment
  • Ready-to-use 3rd Age branding and branded materials - including website buttons and t-shirt artwork
  • Ready- to-download Shhhh! 2 Simple Guided Mindfulness Meditation audios
  • Filmed sample content for you to personalize of 3rd Age friendly HIIT bone-strengthening exercise programmes
  • Filmed content for you to personalize of Release/Mobilization routines for 3rd Age Myofascial Fitness
  • Content for you to personalize of suitable simple Restorative Activities (yoga influenced) perfect for '3rd Age Cortisol Re-setting'
  • All the education, resources and support to enable you to create your own 3rd Age Woman offering

End of Course BONUS MODULE Pre-Recorded Webinar - Creating A Go-To Offering For the Peri-to-Post Menopausal Woman in Your Business

This certification is open to all certified/qualified fitness and aligned professionals seeking to improve their education and skill-set when working with the Peri-Menopausal to Menopausal woman.

Candidates will be awarded an ‘ ADVANCED CERTIFICATE IN 3rd AGE PROGRAMMING’

This education is endorsed in the UK by Skills Active and awarded 16 REPs CPD Points & NASM (1.6 CECs) NASM Provider No:2018

16 points

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Certification Showing CPD/CEC Points will be awarded to candidates who achieve:

  • A Combined Pass Mark of 75% or above for the all 3 of the On-Line Multiple Choice Tests - 30 Questions in total.
Who has accredited this Advanced CPD?
Skills Active in the UK – This CPD has been awarded 16 CPD Points.  NASM globally - this CPD has been awarded 1.6 CEU's.
Burrell Education is a Licensed Education Provider in the UK and Accredited Education Provider with NASM.
How is this course delivered?  What kit do I need?

You need a computer and internet connection.  The course content will be available in full immediately after purchase whether you pay in full or via instalments.

Will I be well supported on this course even though it is delivered on-line?

YES, you will, 100%.  There will ONLY be a maximum of 25 candidates per course intake, and the Facebook Group will give you directly daily access to all the tutors and current and past students which you have 'eternal access' to.  You can ask questions and discuss the course material and client issues freely in this group.

How much time do I need to put aside for study?

I  feel that this depends on your study style but 1-2 hours for each module should be sufficient.

How Do I Secure My Place For the Start of a Course?  

Your first payment secures your spot!  (Click here to jump to payment)

When you pay in full or make your first installment payment, you will be sent your login details to the membership site.  When you access the membership site you will immediately be sent to the area where all your course content is housed.  The complete course content will become LIVE on the start date of your course.

How Long Can I Access The Course Content On-Line?



What have other graduates done with their certification?

Check out the experience of Jayne Hume and her colleagues Hazel Oliver and Women's Health Physiotherapist Fiona Mitchell, all based in the Midlands who created both a live client attraction / information evening followed by an online programme for their 3rd Age Tribe......Check out Wellbeing For Women!

Take a look inside the Membership Site at the content and how you will learn....

 We're doing a little tidying so this course is currently not for sale and will return for sale late March 2019.  Thanks for your patience!



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