An ESSENTIAL Workshop Series for both YOU and YOUR CLIENTS!

Because at Midlife, the terrain has changed and so have YOU, so it’s time to make a new map!

WORKSHOP - Midlife Map-Making
  • This Workshop Series is for you if you KNOW it’s time for your own LIFE RE-DESIGN and would value being guided through the process of creating your brand new MIDLIFE-MAP.
  •  This workshop series is for you if you’re tired of ‘telling and teaching’ and are ready to be part of a transformation in the lives of your Midlife clients.
  • This workshop is also for you if you’ve had great success working on the movement/nutrition + lifestyle elements of a positive Menopause Transition with your clients but KNOW women need a deeper level of support and guidance to create lives that are meaninful again and to feel comfortable in their own skins again.
  • This Workshop series is for you if you want to dip a toe into the world of Coaching Women and experience the process and power of formal guidance on your life and the lives of the women you serve.
  • And the BONUS of doing this for yourself is that you’ll then have the tools, template and resources to offer your clients the same step-by-step experience via a transformational Workshop and Maintenance offering. 

How will it work + what will you take away?…


Zoom Session 1 – Monday 18th March – 7.30pm GMT

  1. Why working with a calm brain is ESSENTIAL to your success – key strategies and resources
  2. Your Key ‘Life Domains’ – What’s Working and What’s NOT!
  3. Your ‘Congruency Audit’ – Are you living ‘What Really Matters To You NOW’? (WRMTYN)
  4.  Why simply ‘chasing happiness’ and trying to avoid discomfort doesn’t work and what to do instead
  5.  Clearing the space to do this VITAL work – ‘What’s on your plate? What needs to come off your plate?
  6.  The ESSENTIALS of crafting your ideal DAY, WEEK, MONTH + YEAR

Zoom Session 2 – Friday 22nd March- 7.30pm GMT

  1. How’s it been going – progress reporting!
  2. Crafting and consistently moving towards your ‘Compelling Future Vision’ – How to actually plan and do something different with consistency
  3. Why resistance shows up and what to do when it does
  4. Identifying and understanding the impact of your CORE BELIEFS + INTERNAL WORKING MODEL on your ability to habit change

Zoom Session 3 – Friday 29th March- 7.30pm GMT

  1. Completing your Future Midlife Map – YOU 2.0!
  2. Revisiting your original worksheets – compare and contrast
  3. Your new ‘What REALLY Matters To You NOW’ template
  4. Your new ‘Ideal DAY, WEEK, MONTH, YEAR template
  5. How to keep moving forward

As always, you’ll have eternal access via the Burrell Education portal to all of the above recordings, presentations, handouts and downloads which include: 


  1. Editable slide deck for you to make bespoke for your own presentations
  2. PDF workbook and editable version for you to make bespoke for your own clients
  3. Step-by-step guide on how to run a similar Workshop series for your clients and guide them into an ongoing maintenance programme.
  4. Access to the dedicated pop-up Facebook Group for extra guidance from Jenny and your peers
  5. EVERYTHING you need to create both your own NEW Midlife Map and support and guide your clients to do so too!


Plus Bonus: How to Plan Working a 9 Month Year!  (Pre-Recorded Presentation)


All Zoom Sessions will be recorded and the recording made available to all participants shortly after the LIVE time

Session 1 – Monday 18th March 2024– 7.30pm GMT

Session 2 – Friday 22nd March 2024– 7.30pm GMT

Session 3 – Friday 29th March 2024 – 7.30pm GMT


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3 x Monthly Instalment Option Available Also


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