A Six Part Cutting-Edge ONLINE Education for ALL PROFESSIONALS working in the world of Post Natal Wellness & Recovery……

The Modern Post Natal client has a recovery wish list which ends with her feeling energized, well-nourished, mentally capable, comfortable in her clothes, comfortable in her own skin, comfortable in the clothes she wants to wear, feeling hormonally balanced, healing well from the inside-out, fit and able to enjoy her Post Natal life and baby.

Optimum nutrition has a major role to play in all of the perceived ‘trouble-spots’ for the Post Natal client and at a time when many women are restricting their food intake and missing vital nutrients in a bid to ‘lose their baby weight’, this education will give you the clarity and good information that will help you to make the right decision for your clients and create a ‘holistic’ path forward that serves to support foundation health and healing.

This 2020 UPDATE, builds on the previously indepth content but is extended at both ends of the continuum of ‘nutrition’ to serve not only body but mind, spirit and soul.

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This education is based solely on evidence-based, integrative, whole-person, root-cause, natural nutrition – no pills, no potions, no quick-fixes, just THE POWER OF REAL FOOD and the optimising of positive lifestyle choices!
Firstly, we enlisted the help and wisdom of Midwife Sofie Jacobs to give us an indepth education on use of BIRTH INTERVENTIONS and soft-tissue birth trauma, which, alongside the rigours of birthing also add to the ‘healing burden’ in the Post Birth period.

This content is further expanded by Women’s Health Physiotherapist Michelle Lyons as she explains how to screen for Pelvic Health Red Flags and how/when to trigger your clinical referral mechanism. Michelle also provides excellent clarity on the key/essential elements of a deep and thorough Women’s Health Physiotherapy appointment that every professional should have awareness of in order to guide their clients that seek a clinical referral.

Jenny Burrell, takes a deep dive into the cellular biochemistry of healing nutrition and makes this deep and ESSENTIAL SCIENCE simple enough for everyone to both learn but also for the learner to educate their client. Jessica Drummond brings her Functional Nutrition wisdom to this course via her powerful content on the Perinatal Brain and Gut Health including implications for the wellbeing of the newborn.

Module 5 is also a powerful addition to this new update and reflects the life of the woman that many of us are working with currently. Here Jenny Burrell takes you on a journey through the pressures and demands of modern motherhood and how we can employ basic yet powerful coaching skills in order to go beyond simply ‘instructing’ our clients as to how they can make better choices……now you have access to 4 eective coaching tools and how to apply them.

This education also includes an overview on Post Birth Maternal Health including a presentation by Cognitive Hypnotherapist Fiona Nicolson – specialist in treating Post Birth PTSD and a Presentation by Female Endocrine Specialist – Dr. Anu Arasu on the potential role of Hormone Therapy in the Post Natal period.

Course Content

Birthing and Birth Interventions Masterclass 

Post Birth Pelvic Health Red Flag Screening and Physiotherapy 

The Pregnancy to Post Natal Endocrine System with Dr. Jessica Drummond + Hormone Therapy in the Post Birth Period with Dr. Anu Arasu.

The Biochemistry of Healing Nutrition with Jenny Burrell

Perinatal Brain and Gut Health with Dr. Jessica Drummond

Trimester and Beyond with Jenny Burrell + Post Natal PTSD with Fiona Nicolson

Preconception Nutrition with Dr. Jessica Drummond
**BONUS BONUS CONTENT** – Creating an anti-inflammatory, healing and hormone balancing nutrition & lifestyle plan for your Post Natal client including Done-For-You Powerpoint Presentations from Jessica and Jenny, which includes meal ideas and lifestyle solutions
– customizable and ideal as workshop content and client information handout.

Your Tutors

Dr Jessica Drummond,

Jenny Burrell BSc (Hons),

You’re a fan of REAL FOOD!  And without a doubt know the power of great nutrition to transform the health, wellness and recovery of everyone. You feel that up-to-date information and support for the new mom is sorely lacking and even more so in terms of Optimal Nutrition for Recovery from what can sometimes be a traumatic birth not only on a physical but psychological level. You know that guiding the client to sound strategies that will help them heal and recover post C-Section, traumatic vaginal birth and if they are trying to heal a Disatasis Recti is a MUST and you want to be at the forefront of modernizing the information provided to moms under your care.

Are you a SMART Mom who wants to know more and go deeper regarding her nutrition during the Post Natal period?  A Certified Fitness Professionals & Wellness Coaches working with Post Natal women?  A Physiotherapists working with Post Natal women Ante/Post Natal Birth Educators Nurses Midwives Ultimately this education is the perfect resource for……….smart, passionate, inquisitive moms or professionals who want to go deeper and really improve their knowledge in this VITAL AREA OF HEALTH AND RECOVERY.

This course has been accredited by NASM and CanFitPro and carries CEC points; and by CIMPSA (PD:Approval) in the UK and certified candidates will receive 10 CPD points.  The education within this course is based on Integrative Nutrition Principles and the consumption of REAL FOOD and evidence-based guidelines already widely in existence but tailored to the Post Natal population.

You need a computer and internet connection.  The course content, totaling 4 parts is available in its entirety, immediately upon purchase.

I  feel that this depends on your study style but 2-3 hours for each module should be sufficient.

The total GLH (guided learning hours) for this course is 20 hours.

Your first payment secures your spot and access to ALL of the content!

Yes, it’s an online exam of multi-choice or short-form answer question. You’ll need to obtain a pass mark of 75% and you’re free to take the exam as many times as necessary. Your certificate of completion will also be delivered electronically via the learning portal. You will be jointly certificated by Burrell Education and The Integrative Pelvic Health Institute.

You can view our policy on refunds and cancellations here .

Your Investment…

1 Payment @ £397

3, 6 and 9 monthly instalment options available