Pregnancy Massage 2-Day CPD Including Post Natal Massage & Remedial Therapy

Why you should join Burrell Education for this wonderful 2-Day HOMAGE to the art-form that is Pregnancy Massage including Post Natal Recovery Massage and Introduction to Instrument Assisted Massage and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapies.....

I began my massage and bodywork  journey nearly a decade ago  and literally, from the first moment I saw the power of just a few minutes of touch to undo sometimes longstanding pain and discomfort in my clients, I was hooked.  Although Massage and Soft Tissue Therapies are obviously for everyone in need, personally, the nurturing and skin-to-skin element of applying these strategies to Pregnant and Post Natal women has continued to be one of the most rewarding aspects of my therapy career and I'm positive that whether you are updating your current skills or at the begin of your journey this education will quite literally light a fire under your passion, skillset and capacity to serve deeply and get better outcomes for your clients.

We all know that an awesome restorative, soothing but ALSO RESULTS BASED therapy session for a Pregnant woman is as rare as hens teeth but try finding someone who truly has the soft tissue skills to help the much maligned Post Natal woman recover deeply.  I think you'll find that's even rarer.  It's beyond challenging to find someone who truly understands the soft tissue implications of birthing via C-Section, the power of soft tissue therapies for the woman healing Diastasis Recti both locally and globally via improving alignment.  It's beyond challenging to find someone who 'gets' the essential role of supportive recovery nourishment in the Post Natal period and the role of re-connecting and reinstating Core Synergy for the Post Natal population including 'resetting the Post Natal breath' as a means of restoring Core Function.  If we have trouble finding these highly trained professionals, for sure, potential clients will.  BUT WITH THIS CERTIFICATION, YOU COULD NOW BECOME THAT PERSON!

All of the above are an ESSENTIAL but hardly referred to part of the Soft Tissue Therapists role when serving the Post Natal client and this 2-Day Certification will give you the advanced skills to update and transform you 'Pregnancy Massage' offering to something even deeper and extended to then truly serve that client post birth, when most woman actually REALLY NEED HELP!

If you are a certified Massage Therapist or Physiotherapist wanting to extend your offerings to help the Pregnant / Post Natal client or a fitness/movement professional with Pregnant/Post Natal clients and a massage qualification, this weekend CPD course will give you a ready-to-go, entire skill-set to help you create a stand-out service that will keep clients coming back time-after-time and keep them referring for you.


Course Contents Pre-Learning

  • Myofascial System, Thomas Myers' Myofascial Lines and Biotensegrity Theory 101 for the Natal period.
  • Introduction to 1 Second PIR (Post Isometric Relaxation), STR (Soft Tissue Release), Using Mini-Myofascial Foam Rollers, Ischaemic/Trigger Point Strategies and Instrument Assisted Massage.
  • Links to Full Obstetric and Gynaecology Guidelines and Resources for the UK
  • Diastasis Healing Theory Update Presentation
  • Pre-Screening the Post Natal Soft-Tissue Therapy Client Video Presentation
  • Pre-Screening the Pregnant Soft Tissue Therapy Client Video Presentation
  • Pregnancy System Changes (Respiration, Blood, Biomechanics/Alignment Video Presentation
  • Common Ailments in Pregnancy into the Post Natal Period Video Presentation
  • Trimester by Trimester Journey Through the Health Care System - video interview Community Midwife Nina Parnham
  • 'When to Call The Midwife During Pregnancy and the Post Natal Period - video interview Community Midwife Nina Parnham
  • Birthing Videos – Vaginal Birth, C-Section, C-Section Adhesion + Scar Tissue, Episiotomy + Repair
  • Simple Acupressure for the Post Natal period and 'EXPULSION' POINTS TO AVOID in Pregnancy!

Course Contents LIVE

  • Fully illustrated hard-copy manual.
  • How to deeply Pre-Screen the Pregnant and Post Natal potential client remotely to improve the efficiency of your service.
  • Contraindications to therapy and how to refer your clients onto Health Care Providers who can help them.
  • The role of musculoskeletal and respiratory dysfunction in Diastasis Recti and C-Section recovery.
  • The implication of C-Section scars and adhesions on Post Natal core recovery.
  • How to address the myofascial/musculoskeletal issues that occur during Pregnancy and post birth and how to apply the most effective strategies bespoke to the client’s needs.
  • How to position, support and massage the Pregnant client – elevated supine, side-lying supported by bolsters.
  • How to position, support and massage the Post Natal client – with special consideration for C-Section discomfort, post birth tears, breast comfort.
  • How to use a sheet for 'draping' the client for better temperature control and coverage  instead of towels.
  • How to modify the traditional massage strokes, when the client is in the side-lying position and without working in the prone position.
  • You’ll learn or polish your Soft Tissue Release (STR) skills (Shorten, Lock, Stretch)
  • Appropriate Contract/Relax Methods for use in the Natal period.  You'll be introduce you to the concept of '1 second PIR.
  • Therapist applied myofascial foam rolling with mini rollers and massage balls.
  • Simple but effective Ischaemic Strategies and Trigger Pointing during the Natal period.
  • Retraining the Post Natal breath - simple and highly effective strategies.
  • The basics of testing for Diastasis Recti (tummy muscle separation) in the Post Natal client and how to support the client to get the client the help she needs via 'The Burrell Method for Holistic Diastasis Healing'
  • INTRODUCTION TO C-Section Scar Massage using bespoke massage techniques & Instrument Assisted Massage - PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU ARE SEEKING A DEEPER AND MORE EXTENSIVE SCAR REHAB CERTIFICATION - Please view the C-Section, Hysterectomy and Abdominal Scar Immersion CPD.
  • Which massage mediums are safest and most effective during the Natal periods.
  • How to create a 'stand-out' welcoming and nurturing environment for your clients.
  • How to offer a polished, second-to-none STAND-OUT service – EVERYTIME!
  • **NEW FOR 2019** Kineseotaping for Diastasis Recti and Abdominal Wall Activation - 2 ESSENTIAL Strategies.
  • **NEW FOR 2019** Soft Tissue 'Fixes' for the Natal Big 6 - Piriformis Pain, Anterior Knee Pain, Jaw Pain, ITB Pain/Restriction, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Upper Back Pain, Lower Back Pain.

Learn the strategies that got this client out of pain, 8 years after the birth of her 'baby'.....

Post Course Content

  1. 'Eternal access' to video recordings of ALL the strategies and techniques used over the weekend including assessment and screening strategies.
  2. PDF Downloads of client screening forms for both the Pregnant and the Post Natal client.
  3. How to check for Diastasis Recti instructional video.
  4. How to perform a static and dynamic Alignment Assessment including key palpation points for the Natal client - instructional video.
  5. Self-Myofasical Foam Roller Strategies Adapted for Pregnancy and the Post Natal client.
  6. Your education will include a bonus module on Optimal Nutrition for Healing in the Post Natal period (1 hour pre-recorded lecture) which you'll access in full in the post-course content.
  7. 'Eternal access' to the dedicated Facebook Support Group where you can ask question and be in a community with other therapist serving the Pregnant and Post Natal client.
  8. **NEW FOR 2019** Movement/Mobilization 'Home Fun Fixes' for the Natal Big 6 - Piriformis Pain, Anterior Knee Pain, Jaw Pain, ITB Pain/Restriction, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Upper Back Pain, Lower Back Pain.
  9. **NEW FOR 2019**How to Attract, Retain and Gain Referrals - Modern Marketing Strategies for Pre/Post Natal Soft Tissue Therapists - 3 ESSENTIAL BUSINESS TUTORIALS where I walk you through the key elements and execution strategies when running a business serving this population.
  10. **NEW FOR 2019**  'Supportive Nutrition and Lifestyle For Soft Tissue Trauma and Recovery'


Course Pre-Requisites & Accreditation

  1. You must already be a fully certified Massage Therapist or Physio Therapist with hands-on skills and this is a CPD where you are advancing on from basic massage skills.
  2. This CPD is accredited by the Sports Therapy Association and on completion of all elements candidates will receive their Certification of Achievement and 16 REPs points.


Your Total Investment: £497

Instalments Available

6 Monthly Instalments @ £82.83
3 Monthly Instalments @ £165.67
2 Monthly Instalments @£248.40

Limited to 18 places per course

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