Pregnancy Massage 2-Day CPD Including Post Natal Massage & Remedial Therapy


Why you should join Burrell Education for this wonderful 2-Day HOMAGE to the artform that is Pregnancy Massage including Post Natal Recovery Massage and Introduction to Instrument Assisted Massage and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapies.....

I began my massage and bodywork  journey nearly a decade ago  and literally, from the first moment I saw the power of just a few minutes of touch to undo sometimes longstanding pain and discomfort in my clients, I was hooked.  Although Massage and Soft Tissue Therapies are obviously for everyone in need, personally, the nurturing and skin-to-skin element of applying these strategies to Pregnant and Post Natal women has continued to be one of the most rewarding aspects of my therapy career and I'm positive that whether you are updating your current skills or at the begin of your journey this education will quite literally light a fire under your passion, skillset and capacity to serve deeply and get better outcomes for your clients.

We all know that an awesome restorative, soothing but ALSO RESULTS BASED therapy session for a Pregnant woman is as rare as hens teeth but try finding someone who truly has the soft tissue skills to help the much maligned Post Natal woman recover deeply.  I think you'll find that's even rarer.  It's beyond challenging to find someone who truly understands the soft tissue implications of birthing via C-Section, the power of soft tissue therapies for the woman healing Diastasis Recti both locally and globally via improving alignment.  It's beyond challenging to find someone who 'gets' the essential role of supportive recovery nourishment in the Post Natal period and the role of re-connecting and reinstating Core Synergy for the Post Natal population including 'resetting the Post Natal breath' as a means of restoring Core Function.  If we have trouble finding these highly trained professionals, for sure, potential clients will.  BUT WITH THIS CERTIFICATION, YOU COULD NOW BECOME THAT PERSON!

All of the above are an ESSENTIAL but hardly referred to part of the Soft Tissue Therapists role when serving the Post Natal client and this 2-Day Certification will give you the advanced skills to update and transform you 'Pregnancy Massage' offering to something even deeper and extended to then truly serve that client post birth, when most woman actually REALLY NEED HELP!



If you are a certified Massage Therapist wanting to extend your offerings to help the Pregnant / Post Natal client or a fitness professional with Pregnant/Post Natal clients and a massage qualification, this weekend CPD course will give you a ready-to-go, entire skill-set to help you create a stand-out service that will keep clients coming back time-after-time and keep them referring for you.


Course Contents Pre-Learning

  • Myofascial System, Thomas Myers' Myofascial Lines and Biotensegrity Theory 101 for the Natal period.
  • Introduction to 1 Second PIR (Post Isometric Relaxation), STR (Soft Tissue Release), Using Mini-Myofascial Foam Rollers, Ischaemic/Trigger Point Strategies and Instrument Assisted Massage.
  • Links to Full Obstetric and Gynaecology Guidelines and Resources for the UK
  • Diastasis Healing Theory 2016 Update Presentation
  • Pre-Screening the Post Natal Client Video Presentation
  • Pre-Screening the Pregnant Client Video Presentation
  • Pregnancy System Changes (Respiration, Blood, Biomechanics/Alignment Video Presentation
  • Common Ailments in Pregnancy into the Post Natal Period Video Presentation
  • Trimester by Trimester Journey Through the Health Care System - video interview with Burrell Education Master Trainer Jayne Hume.
  • Birthing Videos – Vaginal Birth, C-Section, C-Section Adhesion + Scar Tissue, Episiotomy + Repair

Course Contents LIVE

  • Fully illustrated hard-copy Manual and screening handouts.
  • How to deeply Pre-Screen the Pregnant and Post Natal potential client remotely to improve the efficiency of your service.
  • Contraindications to therapy and how to refer your clients onto Health Care Providers who can help them.
  • The role of musculoskeletal and respiratory dysfunction in Diastasis Recti and C-Section recovery.
  • The implication of C-Section scars and adhestions on Post Natal core recovery.
  • How to address the myofascial/musculoskeletal issues that occur during Pregnancy and post birth and how to apply the most effective strategies bespoke to the client’s needs.
  • How to position, support and massage the Pregnant client – elevated supine, side-lying supported by bolsters.
  • How to position, support and massage the Post Natal client – with special consideration for C-Section discomfort, post birth tears, breast comfort.
  • How to use a sheet for 'draping' the client for better temperature control and coverage  instead of towels.
  • How to modify the traditional massage strokes, when the client is in the side-lying position and without working in the prone position.
  • You’ll learn or polish your Soft Tissue Release (STR) skills (Shorten, LOCK target tissue, move to lengthen away from the direction of the LOCK’).
  • Appropriate Contract/Relax Methods for use in the Natal period.  You'll be introduce you to the concept of '1 second PIR).
  • Therapist applied myofascial foam rolling with mini rollers.
  • Simple Acupressure for the Post Natal period.
  • Simple but effective Ischaemic Strategies and Trigger Pointing during the Natal period.
  • You'll be guides through the Pregnancy 'expulsion' pressure points that need to be avoided during treatment.
  • Retraining the Post Natal breath - simple and highly effective strategies.
  • Your education will include a bonus module on Optimal Nutrition for Healing in the Post Natal period (1 hour pre-recorded lecture) which you'll access in full in the post-course content.
  • The basics of testing for Diastasis Recti (tummy muscle separation) in the Post Natal client and how to support the client to get the client the help she needs.
  • Soft Tissue elements of 'The Burrell Method for Holistic C-Section Recovery' & Scar  Massage using bespoke massage techniques & Instrument Assisted Massage.
  • Which massage mediums are safest and most effective during the Natal periods.
  • How to create a welcoming and nurturing environment for your clients.
  • How to offer a polished, second-to-none STAND-OUT service – EVERYTIME!

Learn the strategies that got this client out of pain, 8 years after the birth of her 'baby'.....

Post Course Content

  1. 'Eternal access' to video recordings of ALL the strategies and techniques used over the weekend including assessment and screening strategies.
  2. PDF Downloads of client screening forms for both the Pregnant and the Post Natal client.
  3. How to check for Diastasis Recti instructional video.
  4. How to perform a static and dynamic Alignment Assessment including key palpation points for the Natal client - instructional video.
  5. 'Eternal access' to the dedicated Facebook Support Group where you can ask question and be in a community with other therapist serving the Pregnant and Post Natal client.
  6. Your education will include a bonus module on Optimal Nutrition for Healing in the Post Natal period (1 hour pre-recorded lecture) which you'll access in full in the post-course content.
  7. How to Attract, Retain and Gain Referrals - Modern Marketing Strategies for Soft Tissue Therapists.

Course Pre-Requisites & Accreditation

  1. You must already be a fully certified Massage Therapist or Physio Therapist with hands-on skills and this is a CPD where you are advancing on from basic massage skills.
  2. This CPD is accredited by the Sports Therapy Association and on completion of all elements candidates will receive their Certification of Achievement.

Here's What The Candidates Thought About The Most Recent Courses!

Well put together - great with the online and in-person learning. Enthusiastic and approachable tutors. Good venue. Useful notes. Thanks! I learned a lot on this weekend - great tutors and thorough course material delivered in a fun, supportive and accessible way!

~ Rachel Musson, befluid

The course have been amazing. All the videos and theory before the course was really helpful and very complete and useful. The teacher were wonderful, really prepared, we leanrt a lot. I am really happy with this course. And also the other therapist were so nice. I will recomended to everyone.

Thank you very much for everything.

~ Arlen Bravo

This is such an exciting course which really opened my eyes to a wealth of knowledge most mummies never come in contact with. I learned so much from the extensive online pre-learning, the two days of jam-packed practical work and all the other fabulous professionals on the course from all areas of massage, women's health and fitness. From expanding my massage skills to really meet the needs of the pregnant client, to massively important post-natal work to help re-balance and assist the body with healing including work on breath, c-section scar recovery, diastasis and postural and alignment changes. I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone looking at bordering their skills in this area. As a sports massage therapist I feel this course is just the start of my journey into a whole world of learning in women's health fitness.

~ Cat Ridgway, Massage Therapist

From the moment you access the pre-learning content you know that this course is first class. The volume and quality of the information provided is second to none and in my opinion ALL of it is so relevant and essential to working with this special client group.
The practical aspect of the course was structured perfectly, and having two very accessible and knowledgeable tutors ensured that we worked steadily and confidently through all the content we were taught. There was plenty of time to learn and practice new techniques and I cannot recommend this course enough.

~ Rebecca Ramirez, Bump & Beyond, Gibraltar

This course was excellent. The tutors were phenomenal, they were helpful and so knowledgeable it was very impressive. The course was delivered with enthusiasm and professionalism and the amount of information and knowledge was huge! I have learnt so much on this two day course - new techniques - STRs and a greater understanding of changes to the body during and after pregnancy - and I have had three children!! Thank you for a truly fantastic course - great tutors, well written booklet, and brilliant to have ongoing access to resources to back up what was learnt on the course! Thank you!

~ Tina Mullan


Jane Taylor,
"I came away from the Pregnancy & Post-Natal Massage & Remedial Therapy course feeling so inspired. I was amazed just how much really beautiful & effective massage and soft tissue release can be done with the client in a side-lying position, but this was so much more than a massage course. me_by_lindsay

As ever it is a privilege to study with Jenny Burrell & witness first-hand her unwavering passion for pregnant, pre- and post-natal women. The course manual is really detailed - covers far more than I expected it to in terms of post-natal care beyond massage therapy. The pre-course learning was excellent and the access to post-course videos and materials is really useful in helping to ensure that I have fully "got" what we covered in the course. I haven't received post-course videos following other massage courses so they are an unexpected bonus and enables me to fully immerse myself in the practical aspects on the course rather than scribbling copious notes to refer back to later - thank you"

Location:  Physiotherapy Department, Chelsea + Westminster Hospital, 369 Fulham Rd, Chelsea, London SW10 9NH - 9am til 5.30pm both days.
Directions:  Link to Google Maps


This education includes on-line theory pre-learning and a short test that needs to be completed before your attendance.  Please ensure that you book in good time to access and complete this essential content. This ensures that we have more hands-on time over the two days.


 Your Investment…..

Single payment of £497.00

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23/24 March 2019

27/28 July 2019

26/27 October 2019



**BONUS** All Burrell Education Course Attendees will also received a copy of our "How to Plan and Execute Your Best Business Year Yet" hard copy manual and FREE access to the Burrell Education Business Hub Group and full access to 'business building' tutorials delivered by a range of experts.......ESSENTIAL to ensure you truly make the most of your education.