This Certification has been a LONG TIME COMING!  And via this LIVE IN-PERSON format, we have the potential to be together, here in the UK.

For possibly a decade my mantra has been….”soft tissue therapy comes before movement/exercise prescription for Diastasis Rehab” and that “touch is a VITAL part of the healing process too” and that “Diastasis Rehab is a WHOLE WOMAN, WHOLE BODY, WHOLE LIFE event”, so finally, this is the opportunity to demonstrate EXACTLY WHY + HOW with bells on!

This Blended Learning with IN-PERSON, HANDS-ON DAYS IN CHICHESTER, UK, takes place over two days.   This education is supports ‘bringing women home to the innate wisdom of their bodies’ and empowering them with life-time self-care tools. The additional content also serves to support professionals to start a new narrative that transforms Diastasis Recti from a DYSFUNCTION to an opportunity to FULLY support a woman’s post birth recovery from a ‘wholistic’ foundation.

This course follows the NEW Burrell Education 2.0 Protocols for Diastasis Rehab – All the S’s to ensure that every part of the screening to aftercare process is deeply rooted in compassionate care and the power of promoting possibility to all of our clients.


The Livestream of this course will be available as a BONUS when attending our Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage Live Course

Course Contents Pre-Learning

  1. Current Theory, A&P, Research and Diastasis Recti Rehab Consensus
  2. The Anatomy of the Abdominal Wall and Lumbopelvic Region
  3. Fascia and the Myofascial System/Myofasical Lines
  4. Fascial Continuities – Anterior to Posterior Pelvis
  5. The Power and Perception of Touch and Cutaneous Mechanoreceptors
  6. The C-Section Procedure + Scar Considerations
  7. The Anatomy of Optimal Respiration
  8. Optimal Nutrition & Lifestyle To Support Healthy Connective Tissue
  9. Theory and rationale of the adjunct techniques used in the Live Stream Days  STR (Soft Tissue Release), ‘Body Position Drivers’, Instrument Assisted Massage, Silicone Cupping, Long Hold Myofascial Release and Kineseotaping

Throughout the 2 days and 5 dedicated Practical Sessions, we’ll cover…

  • Postural/Alignment Assessment – Supine, Static Standing and Dynamic
  • Breathing Strategy Assessment and Breath Rehab Strategies
  • Ab Wall + Lumbo Pelvic Complex Assessment
  • Ab Wall, Diaphragm to Pelvic Floor Synergy
  • Assessment and Soft Tissue Solutions for the Myofascial Deep Front Line
  • Assessment and Soft Tissue Solutions for the Myofascial Front Line
  • Assessment and Soft Tissue Strategies for the Thoracic Back
  • Assessment and Soft Tissue Strategies for the Lumbopelvic Complex
  • Kineseotaping to support Diastasis Recti
  • 6 Step Progressive Loading of the Abdomen – Supine, Prone, Seated, Standing, Standing Dynamic, Standing Athletic
  • ESSENTIAL Movements to Begin Every Diastasis Rehab Progamme
  • Moving on to WHOLE-BODY Integrated Diastasis Rehab – for a Whole Woman, with a Whole Life!

 Post Course Content

  1. ETERNAL ACCESS to beautiful video recordings of ALL the strategies and techniques used over the 2 live in-person days + PREVIOUS LIVESTREAM RECORDINGS including assessment and screening strategies.
  2. PDF Downloads of client screening forms for the Post Natal client.
  3. How to perform a static and dynamic Alignment Assessment including key palpation points for the Natal client – instructional video.
  4. Your education will include a bonus module on Optimal Nutrition for Healing in the Post Natal period (1 hour pre-recorded lecture) which you’ll access in full in the post-course content.
  5. **BUSINESS CONTENT**How to Attract, Retain and Gain Referrals by Creating Your ‘Signature Offering’ – A Step By Step Guide.

This is a 2 Certification Course and includes ‘access on purchase’ to the full ONLINE Certification:
Kineseotaping for the Pregnant and Post Birth Client

Guest Tutors

Louise Hartin

Midwife Educator

The Anatomy and Surgical Process
 of a C-Section

Lois Bickerton

Women’s Health Physiotherapist and Pelvic Embodiment Expert

The Art of Pelvic Embodiment

Anna Crowle

Women’s Health Physiotherapist and Biotensegrity Researcher

Scars, Adhesions and Abdominal Rehab

  • On purchase of this education, whether by instalments of in full, you will automatically be sent your login details to the BE Membership Portal where all the ONLINE – SELF-STUDY CONTENT is located.
  • You’ll also be sent the link to access the Facebook Support Group for this course where you’ll be able to communicate with Jenny and the team in order to support your self study.
  • There’s a 20 question test at the end of your ONLINE THEORY CONTENT that you need to pass with an 80% pass mark (multiple tries are allowed).
  • After you’ve completed your study of the ONLINE THEORY CONTENT, you’ll attend the PRACTICAL ELEMENT of this course taught by Jenny Burrell with co-tutors where you’ll experience the LIVE COURSE CONTENT as listed above.
  • Completion of the pre-learning content + attendance of the 2 Live Days leads to your certification.
  • Beyond the ‘study to certification’ period, all candidates are able to receive additional support via the Burrell Education Student Support Group.
  • You must already be a fully certified Massage Therapist or Physio Therapist with hands-on skills and this is a CPD where you are advancing on from basic massage skills.
  • This CPD will be accredited by the Sports Therapy Association and Thinktree.

The total GLH (guided learning hours) for this course is 35 hours.

The Livestream of this course will be available as a BONUS when attending our Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage Live Course