Women’s Wellness and Whole Body Vibration Workshop

Introducing this brand new ONLINE Women's Wellness and Whole Body Vibration Workshop in Partnership with Power Plate dedicated to a deep focus on the needs of the women we serve......


The 'Big Rocks' of  Women's Wellness and Whole Body Vibration including:

    • The hormone regulating benefits of movement incorporating Whole Body Vibration
    • Applications for improving Bone Health - Mid Life to Post Menopause
    • Applications for improving Core Strength, Co-Ordination and ENHANCING Core Rehab
    • Improving cardio-vascular health gains via a shorter workout window
    • How to create 'non-exhausting' Mid-Life and Post Natal fat loss programmes for time/energy poor women
    • Programming for low/lower impact High Intensity Interval Training using Whole Body Vibration
    • Applications for improving mobility, flexibility and down-training the nervous system, perfect for 'frazzled women'
    • Building and maintaining muscle mass to improve Metabolic Rate, Metabolic Syndrome and Insulin Regulation WITHOUT exhausting workouts
    • An overview of Nutrition for Hormonal Balance to support fat loss goals
    • Harnessing the power of the foot and ankle to improve balance and foot proprioception and reduce the potential for 'falls'
    • 'Foot-Fastness', Mental Acuity, Dual Tasking  + Anti-Fall Drills that improve both cognition and proprioception incorporating Whole Body Vibration
    • Female mental wellbeing and movement - the power of movement on mood and mind-state
    • And so much more......

Module 1

  • How and Why Whole Body Vibration Works?
  • Why 'Women's Wellness and Whole Body Vibration' - the key health issues for women from Post Natal to Post Menopause and how WBV positively impacts those health issues
  • Current Research Science Made Simple and Further Resources

Module 2

  • Women and Metabolic Syndrome - What it means for long term health and how WBV can positively impact the associated health decline

Module 3

  • Making and Maintaining Muscle With WBV - Core Integrated Functional Training
  • Cardiovascular Exercise Re-Imagined With WBV
  • The Integrated Core - Key Guidance on Use of WBV for Core and Pelvic Floor Rehab

Module 4

  • Maintaining and Improving Mobility With WBV
  • Client Massage With WBV Library
  • **BONUS CONTENT** Module 7 - Breathe Better Certification

 Module 5

  • Programming for Other Vitality and Movement Longevity Markers Using WBV

Module 6

  • Putting It All Together - Creating 1-1 and Small Group Programmes and Offerings in your business that CHANGE WOMEN'S LIVES!

Course FAQ's

Pre-Requisites: Who is this Course For?
  • ANY Certified and Insured Movement Professional with an advanced understanding of Peri-to-Post Menopause Female Health, seeking to delve deeper into creating integrated preventative movement programming for this life phase.
  • Yoga Professionals
  • Pilates Professionals
  • Strength Coaches
  • Physiotherapists
  • Fitness Professionals
  • Women’s Health Educators
  • ALL professionals working with Peri to Post-Menopausal women
Who has accredited this Online Education?
Like most Burrell Education courses, this education has been accredited by NASM and is accredited in the UK by PD:Approval and candidates will receive 7 CPD points on completion of all study and assessment elements. (Burrell Education is a Licensed Education Provider Accredited by multiple Global Education Bodies).

There is a 30 question multiple choice exam in order to gain certification and the CEU/CPD points available.

How is this Workshop delivered? What kit do I need?
You need a computer and internet connection.  The full content is available IMMEDIATELY on part or full payment for the course.
Will I be well supported on this education even though it is delivered on-line?
YES, you will, 100%.  There will be an associated Facebook Support Group which will give you directly daily access to the tutors/authors and all of the other course participants.
How much time do I need to put aside for study?
I feel that this depends on your study style but 1-2 hours maximum for each module should be sufficient.  But you have eternal access so may wish to return to the content and go over again.
How Long Can I Access The Content?
Forever and ever!  Access to both all materials, videos, PDF downloads and the Facebook Support Group are open to you forever.
What is your Refund/Cancellation Policy?
You can view our policy on refunds and cancellations here .

Whole Body Vibration Healthcare Applications - A Scientific Review - Download the PDF

Revolutionize your anti-falls and foot-fastness protocol by incorporating Whole Body Vibration!
There are 1000’s of mechanoreceptors in the skin of the plantar foot.  They respond to vibration, varied textures, stretch and skin movement and they lose ‘sensitivity’ and functionality as we age unless we ‘TRAIN’ them!

Overall, this education is designed to truly tie together the science of Whole Body Vibration with the needs of the women you serve throughout critical lifephases.  To demonstrate its worth regard some very key areas of concern to the female user, to demonstrate the ability to get great results in less time and overall how to create a programme within your business that will deliver RESULTS in LESS TIME!

This education will give you the tools an guidance to help you create a dedicated and progressed offering for either the 1-1 or the Small Group Training scenario.

Course Authors + Tutors

Jenny Burrell - Head of Burrell Education and Women's Wellness Consultant to Performance Health Systems.
Erica Minter - Director of Training, Education and Marketing Support - ASIAPAC and South Africa.

Course Accreditation

This course has been accredited by NASM Globally and CIMPSA/PD:Approval in the UK

Full ONLINE Workshop Contents Also Include:

ETERNAL ACCESS to the Burrell Education Online Portal of the ENTIRE filmed exercise, movement and mobility library taught within this education.

Pre-Requisites - Who is This Education Suitable For?

Any Certified and Insured Movement, Fitness and Wellness Professional interested in or currently using Whole Body Vibration with a female client base.  If you're from a Fitness, Physio, Pilates, Yoga, Soft Tissue discipline with movement and/or rehab at the heart of your practise, Whole Body Vibration is easily adaptable to your current skill-set.  Please note that if you are not currently certified to use WBV, for insurance purposes you are STRONGLY ADVISED to take the online Certified Power Plate Trainer Education (CPPT) BEFORE you work with clients.

 There is a 50% Discount on the price of the CPPT Education for all Women's Wellness and Wholebody Vibration Attendees.

This Course Launched ONLINE on 25th March, 2019

Your Investment: £347 - Instalments Available

6 Instalments @ 57.83 
[email protected] £115.67
2 Instalments @£173.50


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