Women’s Wellness and Whole Body Vibration Workshop

Introducing this brand new Women's Wellness and Whole Body Vibration Workshop in Partnership with Power Plate dedicated to a deep focus on the needs of the women we serve......

In this FULL DAY Workshop we'll cover:

  1. The How's and Why's of Women's Wellness and Whole Body Vibration - the Science Made Simple + Safety and Contraindications
  2. The most up-to-date research relating to key Women's Wellness and Whole Body Vibration.
  3. Introduction to the Personal Power Plate - the smaller, portable machine.

The 'Big Rocks' of  Women's Wellness and Whole Body Vibration including:

    • The hormone regulating benefits of movement incorporating Whole Body Vibration
    • Applications for improving Bone Health - Mid Life to Post Menopause
    • Applications for improving Core Strength, Co-Ordination and Core Rehab
    • Improving cardio-vascular health gains via a shorter workout window
    • How to create 'non-exhausting' Mid-Life and Post Natal fat loss programmes for time/energy poor women
    • Programming for low/lower impact High Intensity Interval Training using Whole Body Vibration
    • Applications for improving mobility, flexibility and down-training the nervous system, perfect for 'frazzled women'
    • Building and maintaining muscle mass to improve Metabolic Rate WITHOUT exhausting workouts
    • An overview of Nutrition for Hormonal Balance to support fat loss goals
    • Harnessing the power of the foot to improve balance and foot proprioception and reduce the potential for 'falls'
    • 'Foot-Fastness'  + Anti-Fall Drills that improve both cognition and proprioception incorporating Whole Body Vibration
    • Female mental wellbeing and movement - the power of movement on mood and mind-state
    • And so much more......

Whole Body Vibration Studies Of Interest - Download the PDF

There are 1000’s of mechanoreceptors in the skin of the plantar foot – they lose ‘sensitivity’ and functionality as we age unless we ‘TRAIN’ them!!  They respond to vibration,textures, stretch and skin movement!

Overall, this workshop is designed to truly tie together the science of Whole Body Vibration with the needs of the women you serve.  To demonstrate its worth regard some very key areas of concern to the female user, to demonstrate the ability to get great results in less time and overall how to create a programme within your business that will deliver RESULTS in LESS TIME!

This workshop will give you the tools an guidance to help you create a dedicated and progressed offering for either the 1-1 or the Small Group Training scenario.

Course Authors + Tutors

Jenny Burrell - Head of Burrell Education and Women's Wellness Consultant to Performance Health Systems.
Erica Minter - Director of Training, Education and Marketing Support - Asiapac and South Africa.

Course Accreditation

This course has been accredited by NASM

Full Workshop Contents

Full day of hands-on learning
Hard copy manual
ETERNAL ACCESS to the Burrell Education Online Portal of the filmed exercise library taught in the workshop
A Cut + Paste 6-8 Week Programme Template with Progressions and Regressions that you can make bespoke for your clients

Pre-Requisites - Who is This Course Suitable For?

Any Certified and Insured Movement, Fitness and Wellness Professional interested in or currently using Whole Body Vibration with a female client base.  If you're from a Fitness, Physio, Pilates, Yoga, Soft Tissue discipline with movement and/or rehab at the heart of your practise, Whole Body Vibration is easily adaptable to your current skill-set.  Please note that if you are not currently certified to use WBV, for insurance purposes you are STRONGLY ADVISED to take the online Certified Power Plate Trainer Education (CPPT) BEFORE you work with clients.

 There is a 50% Discount on the price of the CPPT Education for all Women's Wellness and Wholebody Vibration Attendees.

 Grange Hotel, Holborn, Central London

 10am til 5pm

 This course has a limit of 20 participants to ensure that there is a maximum of 2 attendees to each
Personal Power Plate.

Price: £247 (Instalments Available)



Feedback for Women's Wellness and Whole Body Vibration Workshop

Ellie Lucas-Smith
This was yet another wonderful day of learning from Burrell Education. I can really see how whole body vibration could benefit my clients, not just for general fitness but for the health and wellbeing of the whole body and mind, particularly the 3rd age clients. I can't wait to start implementing this into my offerings. As always Jenny teaches with great knowledge and passion and delivers the content with enthusiasm and humour.

Michelle Smith
What a great, fun, educational and thought provoking workshop that showed how vibrations can be used to improve strength, athleticism, flexibility, pelvic floor and core function, as well as balance and work on cognitive function. I came away from the day feeling energised and knowing exactly where I can used vibrations to enhance client goals and improve the service I am offering individual clients.

The education and enthusiasm of the teaching on the workshop was invaluable and showed how vibrations can be used to aid the whole range of clients from pre-pregnancy, postnatal all the way through to older adults. I feel this showed the versatility of vibration training and will be adding it to my workouts and clients in the near future. I especially loved the idea of duel training but combining simple movements with improving cognitive function as we could all benefit from this throughout our lives.

Erica Foggett
I loved this course. As a fitness and wellness coach it ticked all my boxes. We got the wellbeing side of why the power plate is so powerful in helping women improve their bone and pelvic health, particularly as they approach midlife. Then we also got exercise plans and progressions to run programs for our clients for 6-8 week courses. I came away easily about to deliver this to my clients without too much additional work on my part. A great course and I'd highly recommend it to anyone working with Powerplates and wanting to know more about womens health.

Kathy McCarthy
It's not often a training far exceeds my expectations but this one did! I was blown away by Jenny's knowledge, vim and vigour and humour AND the Power Plates. I used to be skeptical about them until I started using them at the gym...but oh my! They are so much more...you do have to TRY it and EXPERIENCE the power
- To amplify a HIIT workout (yes really)
- To mobilise
- To massage
- To enhance core/ pelvic floor activation (synchronised with correct breath)
And with longer term repeated use
- To improve bone health
It is the PERFECT tool for the women (40 plus) I serve so will be saving up for one! But I was amazed at how challenging these could make exercise. Great fun day! Loved the duality of task training for brain health. And yes I can do my 7 times table backwards whilst lunging on/ off the plate
#stillgotit #motionislotion And actually got my left glute firing up which is pretty damned amazing.