Working With The Pre/Post Natal Client Outdoors On-Line Global Certification

This HUGELY popular Burrell Education course has once again, been completely upgraded and extended for 2021.


The ONLINE, SELF-PACED STUDY format makes it an ideal resource for a Natal Specialists, anywhere on the planet dedicated to working with both the Pregnant & Post Natal client outdoors.

It's QUITE LITERALLY EVERYTHING you'll need to create an amazing outdoor offering attracting and serving women during the natal life phase.  A one stop certification with ongoing support for every candidate that will ensure you deliver a second-to-none service in your locality EVERY TIME!

Myself and Nicki Thompson created this education simply because, we know many professionals are currently or wishing to work outdoors with this client population but haven't  necessarily had any formal education specifically adapted to this environment, received instruction on all the legalities and small-print or been guided through a wide range of of ideas and strategies that will successfully guide them through training both the Pregnant and Post Baby client in mixed small groups, in all weather conditions and using multiple terrains/locations. it is!  This education is absolutely full with up-to-date and vital information contains an extensive 'eternal access' filmed library of strategies that will keep you buzzing with ideas and your client engaged and successful for many, many months.

Nicki Thompson of 'We Are Fitmums'
Nicki Thompson of 'We Are Fitmums'

There are 12 Modules in this Certification, all are immediately accessible on purchase.


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The 'Business' of working with this special population in the outdoor environment with Joan Palmer.

  • Safety
  • Logistics
  • Weather
  • Clothing
  • Legalities
  • Insurance and Permission
  • Class Sizes
  • Mix of Clients and Kids
  • Choosing Suitable Locations
Pre-Screening The Natal Client (Remote, Face-To-Face, Pelvic Health/Core and Lifestyle) and Initial Consultation strategies for the Pregnant & Post Natal client to ensure the creation of  bespoke programming for every woman.
Assessing & Grading the Post Natal Core for Diastasis and Intrinsic Core Synergy®.  The Basics of 'Breath Rehab' and assessing the clients' movement capabilities BEFORE PROGRAMMING.  This module also covers INTERPRETATION of what you find in order to create a more bespoke core-rehab programme.
Introducing and adapting the Natal Crunchless Core® 'Standing, Integrated, No-Crunch, Core Strength' for the Pregnant and Post Natal client - perfect for introducing 'functional core-work' and for those soggy days when laying on the ground isn't an option.CrunchlessCore_Post_web-300x200
Standing Functional Dynamic Mobilizations, Pre-Work Release Strategies and Warm-Downs - perfect for introducing 'functional mobility' designed to keep moms moving with ease.
Principles and practical application of Motherhood Movement Patterns® (Integrated Functional Training)  for the Pregnant & Post Natal client utilizing  'Bands, Vert Balls, Bodweight and Dumbbells' for inspirational programming with 'small kit' items.
How to incorporate modern tools such as ViPR, Suspension Training, Battling Ropes and Continuous Rubber Bands, Sandbags, Kettlebells's and Games in circuit style workouts without breaking the bank and with coaching on modifications/adaptations for the the Pregnant & all levels of Post Natal recovery.
Key considerations when working with both the Pregnant and Post Natal client in a mixed group and with children present.
Prescribing suitable Pelvic-Floor/Core-Friendly Low-HIIT training exercises and their progressions for the Post Natal client for appropriate time efficient fat loss plus adaptations throughout the Pregnancy Trimesters!
Adapting Metabolic Finishers & AMRAP style workouts for the Pregnant & Post Natal client.
The Key Elements of Post Natal Fat Loss Programming + 'Viva All The Veg' DONE-FOR-YOU Client Challenge with customizable content ready for use with your clients add value and can be used as a 'client attraction free gift'!
Working Outdoors Business & Marketing Package - The Burrell Education Business Hack - a stand-alone workshop full of cut & paste strategies designed  to help you attract, serve and keep your clients like never before.  Creating strong community with your outdoor tribe - key strategies to enable you to serve your clients beyond the group session and introduce them to your other offerings.  How to protect your business from 'mom back to work syndrome' and ensure great client attendance and cash-flow all year round.  How to get rid of PAYG, move to a monthly automated payment system and/or creating block booking to improve your income regardless of the weather and cancellations.  ULTIMATELY, how to get serious about your service and be the go-to person in your community for this client population.



Nicki Thompson & Jenny Burrell Your Course Tutors



  • 30 Done-For You Specially Designed Circuits for the Mid Pregnancy to Early PN Client + Filmed Exercise Library of ALL movements and how to coach them + PDF of Done-For You Circuit Station Cards.

  • 40 Done-For-You Specially Designed AMRAP and 'For Time' Circuits for the Restored Post Natal Client and how to coach them + Filmed Exercise Library of ALL movements + PDF of Done-For You Circuit Station Cards.

  • 10 Done-For- You FULL 'Park Bench' Metabolic Circuit Videos with full instructions on how to progress and regress the content for your clients.

  • Purchasers also access the 2020 Update of Optimal Nutrition & Lifestyle for Post Natal Recovery + Healing for FREE!

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Requisites: Who is this Advanced CPD For?
  • Fitness Professional Candidates who hold an Ante/Post Natal Qualification – ESSENTIAL FOR ALL UK FITPRO CANDIDATES!
  • An aligned overseas certification/qualification in working with the Ante/Post Natal client
  • Physiotherapists Certified and Insured to offer movement prescription to the Natal Population
  • Ante/Post Natal Birth Educators Certified and Insured to offer movement prescription to the Natal Population
  • Midwives Certified and Insured to offer movement prescription to the Natal Population

Ultimately……….advanced specialist passionate professionals who want to go deeper and really improve their service, worth and offering to the Pregnant and Post Natal client in the outdoor environment.

Who has accredited this Advanced CPD?

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CIMPSA in the UK – This CPD has been awarded 10 CPD Points.  Burrell Education is a Licensed Education Provider and NASM in the US.

How is this course delivered? What kit do I need?
You need a computer and internet connection.  The course content, totalling 12 parts is available to access in full on purchase within an online membership site.
Will I be well supported on this course even though it is delivered on-line?
YES, you will, 100%.  If you have any queries about the content, simply tag Jenny in the Burrell Education Student Support Group.
How much time do I need to put aside for study?
I  feel that this depends on your study style but 2-3 hours for each module should be sufficient.
How Do I Secure My Place in Class?
Your first payment (whether in full or via instalments) secures your spot. 
How Long Can I Access The Course Content On-Line?
Forever!  You have eternal access.
What is your Refund/Cancellation Policy?
You can view our policy on refunds and cancellations here .



Instalments Available

2 payments of £223.50

3 payments of £149.00

6 payments of £74.50


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